About Us

Hike it Baby is dedicated to building communities that support getting families outside with children from birth to school age.

Providing support to get families in nature as soon as they feel ready. Raising a generation to love the outdoors.

We leave no family behind
We are a strong community
We are free of judgment
We are raising a generation to love the outdoors
We respect nature
We inspire wellness

Hike it Baby started in July of 2013, when Founder Shanti Hodges invited a few other new families to join her for a hike. In the first few months these were casual hikes among friends. As the number of families participating grew, it became apparent that the desire to get outside was much more than Shanti expected. Through the help of an ever increasing group of hosts and volunteers, Hike it Baby grew from a small group of parents to a large community of families. In 2016 Hike it Baby filed for non-profit status. More information here.

We currently have over 300 Hike it Baby branches, and close to 180,000 families. We’ve seen the number of monthly hikes grow from a dozen, to a hundred, to now ~2,500 hikes monthly across North America. This means most cities will have at least a few hikes per week. If you aren’t finding hikes in your city, you can help us get more going locally by hosting hikes or learning about becoming a Hike it Baby Ambassador

We are asking for $10 a year from families who participate in Hike it Baby. As a platform to gather and grow communities, Hike it Baby offers new parents an opportunity to connect and get into nature with their young children. Sure, anybody can go hiking, but as a new parent, how many times have you struggled to find new friends who understand what you are going through and who will support you in a judgement free community that will never leave you behind? We offer organized information that facilitates your family’s journey into nature and helps you find your community. Members get access to the calendar of hikes, an opportunity to participate in virtual challenges to motivate your family to get outside, the ability to utilize special discounts from partnering brands, and connection with families across North America. Most importantly, members support Hike it Baby as we work to advocate for getting families into nature starting from birth. Together we are raising a generation to love the outdoors. Learn More


Your assistance is absolutely essential to helping us grow in a healthy, sustainable, supportive way — be an early supporter and join the nation’s first grassroots hiking movement focused on birth to school age kids. Your contribution will support:

  • Creating programs that support getting more families on trails locally in your city
  • Helping Hike it Baby become a recognized resource for identifying family friendly trails nationwide
  • Further development on our website so we can offer things like forums and a buy/sell area
  • Better mobile features so our site is accessible from all devices
  • Improved content in the blog, newsletter and videos

Thank you for your support and being a part of the Hike it Baby community!