10 ways to enjoy the last days of summer by Jenyfer Patton for Hike it Baby

Are you looking at the back end of summer and wondering where it all went? Well, there’s still time! Whether school has started in your area or not, you can still take advantage of the long days and warm weather and make the most of these last days of summer.

10 Ways to enjoy the last days of summer

1. Get in or on the water

Kids can spend hours upon hours playing in water, so whatever is near you – the ocean, a lake or creek – it doesn’t matter. Go, play and splash the day away. Here are some water (and more) ideas if you need a little extra help.

2. S’mores Week

With three layers of goodness (marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers), S’mores are a winner with almost everyone. Whether you make it a dip, put it in a cone or add fruit to it, sample a different kind of S’mores every night for a week. You can even make walking S’mores. Mmmmm!

3. Hit the movie theater

Catch a movie in the park while you still can. Pack a small dinner or snacks and chill, knowing you don’t have to blow up that gigantic screen. Add a fun twist and bring along some glow-in-the-dark necklaces for the kids to wear and play with in the dark.

4. Play tourist

Are there places in town you’ve always wanted to visit with the family? Museum? Petting zoo? Local attraction? Historical sight? Every town has something! Play tourist in your town and visit a place you’ve never been.

5. Plan a sunset hike

If you haven’t tried it yet, do something new and take the family on a sunset hike. Bring along a picnic dinner and stay for the evening light show in the sky. Just remember to pack flashlights or headlamps for the hike back. Compare a few headlamps here and gear up.

10 Ways to enjoy the last days of summer by Jenyfer Patton for Hike it Baby

6. Plan a weekend getaway

Take that weekend getaway you’ve been putting off all summer. Or take the family for a quick weekend camping trip. If you don’t want to tent camp, you can have just as much fun car camping. Just do it. Throw clothes in a bag, gas up the car and hit the road. Here are some ways to pack snacks and foods for a road trip.

7. Treats stop

Stop by a new treat shop you haven’t visited or get a new treat from a favorite local spot. We recently did one of those places that “rolls” the ice cream. Silly summer fun? Yes!

8. Fashion show

Have a fashion show and catwalk those fabulous new school clothes. Kids enjoy trying on their new fashionable clothes, so get them out and show them off. Grab a dollar store mat and roll it out for an instant catwalk.

9. Autumn bucket list

Start your autumn bucket list. Getting excited about fall can do a lot for remembering to appreciate summer. Are you stuck with coming up with ideas? This printable from Polka Dot Chair can help.

10. Splash pad party

Meet friends at a splash pad for a day of relaxing fun. The kids can run around worry-free while the mommies (and daddies!) can have some grown-up time catching up on the sidelines. Bring treats to share and it’ll be like a party.

Fall is fast approaching, so we hope can get out and spend time with the family. However you choose to mark these last days of summer, be safe, have fun and, if all else fails, Hike it Baby!

What’s your favorite way to spend a late summer day? Let us know in the comments below.

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Photos by Ali Chandra and Deanna Curry.

10 Ways to enjoy the last days of summer by Jenyfer Patton for Hike it Baby


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