1395 Families Hike On! (1)

We did it! About a month ago we set a goal of gathering over 1000 families to hike all across North America on July 25th for our first annual Hike it Baby Hike On! And not only did 1000 families sign up but we had 1395 families hit the trail with Hike it Baby or with their family and friends.

Why did we do this? Well the short of it is we wanted to see if we could get thousands of people on trail in one day for no reason other than wanting to get out there! But also this week marks 2 years since the first hike Mason and I took with a group of moms and babies in Portland. This was the beginning of Hike it Baby, even if I didn’t know it at the time.

Week after week I hiked and invited people to join me and the group grew quickly from a handful of hikers to a few hundred to a few thousand. Now just two years later we have 37,000 families tuning into our Facebook pages and 30-50 hikes on our calendar a day nationwide.

Since October alone we have posted 8,500 hikes and that’s not counting all of the last minute hikes that spring up.1395 Families Hike On! (2)

Hike it Baby has been an incredible journey for me to watch grow. If you’ve never participated in one of our hikes give it a go and get out there. All of the branch leads across the country are working hard to make sure that every branch is welcoming to new people. And whether you have hiked for years or maybe have never tried it, there’s something for everyone.

TO learn more about the Hike On event and get to know some of our awesome sponsors go to www.hikeitbaby.com/hikke-on In a few weeks we open up registration for Hike it Baby 30, which is our fun 30 mile in 30 days challenge that we do all over North America.

While the summer may be halfway over, we are only just getting going. Get outside with us soon. — Shanti and Mason

1395 Families Hike On! (3)


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