Congratulations to Martha Rodriguez!

2016 First Day Hike Winner - Martha Rodriguez (1)

On January 1st, 2016, over 500 Hike it Baby members in 7 countries around the world showed their HiB Spirit by checking in on our website to show where they were hiking the first day of the year. Every family that checked in a First Day Hike on the map was entered to win a prize from Cozey 7®. We are so happy for our winner, Martha Rodriguez, who won a Cozey 7 TrailHopper!

Martha was excited about her First Day Hike because her 15 year old daughter decided to join Mom and her siblings, a 7 year old brother and 15 month old sister, and this is a rarity! This hike was in Perdernales Falls State Park in Johnson City, Texas.  They had such a great hike that day as a family. Even the dog joined in the fun! The 15 month old got to use her own two feet to hike some of the way; Martha’s son had an entertaining time by using a walkie talkie to be a trail adviser, telling the family when there were dangers ahead, like lions and tigers! Having her teenager lead the way and choose their path helped keep everyone happy and on course. Martha told us, “Getting my teen to get out and hike is a feat, it was so awesome to see her enjoying herself.”

Martha has the true Hike it Baby Spirit, getting her entire family out on the trails on New Year’s Day; she has also traveled to Anchorage, Alaska and hiked with the HiB Anchorage Group! We are so glad that she is the winner of the Hike it Baby First Day Hike prize from Cozey 7® and can’t wait to see how her family, and yours, gets out on those trails this year! Thanks again to Cozey 7® for this awesome prize, and stay tuned to the Hike it Baby Blog all year long for more exciting Challenges, Special Events, and more inspiring stories like Martha’s!

2016 First Day Hike Winner - Martha Rodriguez (2)2016 First Day Hike Winner - Martha Rodriguez (1)


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