The Gift of Shared Experiences

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If there’s one thing that holds true for everyone in this incredible group of parents at Hike it Baby, its that we feel our children grow so quickly. The years fly by in a blur of happy/tantrumy/unpredictable chaos while we try to juggle work, school, quality family time, and maybe even a few quiet moments for ourselves. No matter what, it seems we are always pulled forward faster than we’d like, and all of a sudden out sweet little babies have grown up while we just stare in amazement at how quickly it all went. 

Your little daughter who used to nap in the carrier while you hiked through the forest now climbs mountains by your side. Your son who used to hold your hand as he learned how to walk on the trail now runs and leaps and bounds from the rocks ahead of you.

Photo by Krystal Weir

HiB’s 2021 Mother’s Day Gift Guide of Experiences

This Mother’s Day, we’re taking a page from the grandmothers, and the great-grandmothers, who know that when it comes down to it, the best gift you can ever give and receive is time– time spent with your family, making happy memories together, and slowing down enough to appreciate the meaning of a day. 

We’ve pulled together all sorts of ideas on how to spend this Mother’s Day. Some are a bit more active and involve the whole family, while others give mama some space and downtime to herself so she can reset and recharge.  All of the ideas are something to do, most of them are outside, and none of them are things to buy.  So get reading, and find the best gift for the mom in your life.


Reading in the Hammock

That’s right, believe it or not, most of what our mamas wanted was a bit of rest and some time off task. And we all know that relaxing is always better in a hammock, and that taking some quiet deep breaths outside is good for the soul. 

I’ve requested my iPad (books) in my hammock. With no interruptions .” Kayla, HiB Hampton Roads

Photo by Michelle Pearl Gee


A Family Photo Expedition

Sure, you could take a family photo in your living room, but what makes this photo special is the where. Head outside, to a nearby city park, to a local trail, or somewhere completely new. Enjoy the moment together outdoors, watch your kiddos run and laugh and play, and play with them! Then, at the end of it all, take a family photo. 

“I’m a fan of photos, so planning an adventure outside, propping up a phone or camera to get a family photo, and then someone else printing that for me, (29 cents) is lovely!” -Elicia, Hike it Baby Olympia

Photo by Monique Vargas


Mom’s Choice

This one has it both ways!  Let mom start the day her way, give her some space and time to relax, and then let her choose a place outside where you can all go and spend the afternoon together. 

Having the chance to sleep in, take a shower, enjoy my favorite cup of coffee with NO interruptions, followed by an afternoon visit to the iris fields where I can wander around taking pictures of and enjoying my family among my favorite flowers.” “Jessica, Hike it Baby Portland

Photo by Michelle Craig


Hike & Brunch

For those mamas who want a bit of an adventure, choose a destination a bit farther from home, pack a picnic brunch, and get going! After a hike, find a spot to sit and pull out all of mom’s brunch favorites for a lovely outdoor meal. 

“I love using special occasions as a means to have an adventure, maybe somewhere farther than I would normally drive, to find an incredibly beautiful spot to make memories and spend the day. Having a delicious lunch that I didn’t have to plan and pack is the best! And I love getting to enjoy the fresh air and giggles from my daughters while we try to eat our treats with the wind blowing through our hair.” -Eva, Hike it Baby Portland

Moments For Herself and Family Snuggles

And finally, sometimes moms just need a reason to slow down for the day and enjoy the simple moments that make life as sweet as it is. 

“I’d like to sleep in and drink my HOT coffee in quiet, maybe sneak in an afternoon nap, and absorb all of the Mothers Day snuggles and gifts in between!” Jen, HiB SE Pennsylvania


We hope all of you mamas enjoy a wonderful day with your little ones. We know this parenting stuff is hard work, but it’s the best work, and you’re doing an amazing job! 


About Hike it Baby

Hike it Baby is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that works to create a world where everyone can enjoy the physical and mental benefits of spending time outside. We are focused on creating opportunities and removing barriers to access so families with babies and young children can take their first steps outside. We believe all families have the right to connect with nature, benefit from spending time outdoors, and be inspired to a lifelong love of nature. Since its grassroots inception in 2013, Hike it Baby is a growing community of 270,000 families and over 400 volunteer Branch Ambassadors. More information, as well as outdoor engagement events, can be found at, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.


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