November, a time of change and of giving thanks, continues. Communities traditionally gave thanks for the bounty of nature as the season turned and the results of the year’s hard work were finally harvested and enjoyed. We here at Hike it Baby are fortunate to find not work, but inspiration, joy and healing outdoors. Whether new parents or older parents, whether hiking with new HiB friends or alone with the kiddos making new discoveries, we recognize the many blessings nature brings to us. Read on as we offer up our thanks.

30 Days of Thanks for Hike it Baby

November 4: Nicole Dominick

I’m thankful that hiking gave me more confidence as a mother to get out and do things with my infant, not just in a group, but on our own.

Hiking with my daughter also gave me more confidence as a solo hiker since many HiB hikes that I host are my first time on that particular trail, while leading others (meaning that I always do lots of research and preparation before each hike).


November 5: Becca Hosley

30 Days of Thanks with Hike it BabyI am thankful that being out in nature has helped me find my balance. Anytime I need to work through something, whether it be recovering emotionally from a miscarriage or working through a toddler meltdown, I know that once I step outside, things will get at least a little better.

I am thankful that I found HiB as a new mother, which, for the past three years, has provided the community I so badly needed to make it through these tough first years of motherhood. They showed me the true beauty of raising kids to love the outdoors and how nature can heal both tiny and big wounds.


30 Days of Thanks with Hike it BabyNovember 6: Jen Taylor

I am thankful for getting out and meeting new people and making friends on the trails. I am also thankful for my older kids who are willing to get outside and explore and being able to see nature through their eyes as well as my little ones.



November 7: Dustin Thorley

30 Days of Thanks with Hike it Baby

I’m thankful for the time it gives me with my kids. Sadly, more often than not, hikes I host are no-shows, so it’s just us. I love when we have hiking friends, but I really love exploring nature with the boys and getting away from “real life” for a while and really living. Here are my youngest, Logan, and I finishing a local challenge to hike all of the conservation areas around us. 🙂


November 8: Sarah DiPasquale

30 Days of Thanks with Hike it BabyI am thankful for the variety hiking provides – short or long distances, technical or easy, and with scenery variations. In this photo, one of the ladies is carrying my second child. Her son is in preschool and 50 lbs., so she can’t do carrier hikes, and I can’t do carrier hikes with two kids. So we came together to coordinate so we both can do a carrier hike! We love the challenge and HiB, so we made it work! I’m definitely thankful for the friends I’ve made through HiB.


November 9: Bailey Ludlam

30 Days of Thanks with Hike it Baby

We’ve never regretted an outing, even when it was snowing or raining. We can always count on it for adventure or a new memory. Even if we’re all grumbling about the sticky humidity or chilly rain, we’re doing it together, discovering nature in new ways, and getting muddy in puddles, and we know it’ll end with a story they’ll tell all week and likely hot cocoa! Best of all are the smiles – running through the leaves, seeing how many colors they can name, spotting butterflies, or listening closely to see if they hear any critters. I just love and am so thankful that they are growing up with an outlook on life that appreciates snowy or rainy days as much as sunny days and only hope that translates to other parts of their lives as they grow older.


November 10: Vanessa Wright

30 Days of Thanks with Hike it Baby

Hiking with my 3-year-old has taught me to (very painfully at times) stop and see the world with fresh, new eyes. Every sound, every bird, every bug, every leaf, every rock is new and exciting and inspires 50 questions from my child.

It forces me to slow down both mentally and physically and just be there, very present in the moment.

Check back next week as we continue our series, “30 Days of Thanks with Hike it Baby,” and if you missed last week’s stories, read them here.



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