November is coming to an end, but not so our thanks for the blessings we enjoy in and from nature. Even as the cold closes in around us, we look back with appreciation and forward with anticipation to the new year and the spring for more adventure, fellowship and memory-making with family and Hike it Baby friends in the outdoors. Then again, who says our enjoyment of the outdoors has to end in winter anyway? For many of us, it won’t. Whether you wish to hibernate for the season or feel invigorated by winter and can’t wait to get outside, enjoy our final collection of stories in this series.

30 Days of Thanks Week 5 by Frank Tucker for Hike it Baby

November 25: Becky Rowe

I’m thankful that Hike it Baby has helped me become a better parent – teaching me to let my children learn through mitigated risk instead of direct instruction/example/parental takeover. They have flourished with this change, and it has helped me grow in ways I never imagined.





30 Days of Thanks Week 5 by Frank Tucker for Hike it Baby

November 26: Clay Abney

I travel all over the world as an adventure travel writer. While most of my travels are solo, some of my favorite experiences are those that I’ve been able to share with my niece and nephews over the years. While they are no longer small children, experiencing adventures with them at any age has always created the most special memories. This image is at Machu Picchu after hiking the Inca Trail as part of their high school graduation trip. I’m thankful they still like to spend time with their uncle and are always up for a new adventure.

30 Days of Thanks Week 5 by Frank Tucker for Hike it Baby

November 27: Ruth Weisman

I am thankful for the community and friendships I’ve built with Hike it Baby. Just over one year ago I had a new baby, in a new place. I was feeling lost and lonely, and cabin fever was setting in. When I went on my first hikes, the hike hosts and branch ambassadors were kind enough to wait for me, usually late, adjusting to getting a 2-month-old out the door and needing to nurse and diaper change as soon as we arrived. Their patience and understanding gave me the confidence to get outside and meet new families. At the one-year mark I decided I wanted to continue that trend by volunteering to build a new branch, bringing Hike it Baby a little closer to home.



30 Days of Thanks Week 5 by Frank Tucker for Hike it Baby

November 28: Karen Shiffler

I’m thankful for how the outdoors help my children THRIVE! The difference between when they’re inside versus outside is amazing. Surprisingly, I find that they remember, love and ask to return on the more challenging hikes.





30 Days of Thanks Week 5 by Frank Tucker for Hike it Baby

November 29: Mary McCarty

I am grateful for HiB because before kids I never went for walks in the woods. Now we are out a couple of times a week. My children will grow up with it being part of their normal. I love that my childerbeasts will grow up into adults who spent hours and hours in nature.





30 Days of Thanks Week 5 by Frank Tucker for Hike it BabyNovember 30: Helle Thorup

I am thankful for Hike it Baby because it gets me out in nature more and I have been able to connect with some really amazing, supporting women in this group. This is such an incredible community, and I love sharing it with other mamas because of the positivity difference it makes in my life both as a woman and a mother.





If you have enjoyed these final entries in our “30 Days of Thanks with Hike it Baby” series, please see previous weeks for more stories of our personal relationships with nature here, here, here and here.


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