Sometimes deciding how to spend your time outside as a family is just as hard as getting out the door. Most of the time, inspiration can be found in our own backyard. Other times, we could use some fresh ideas for motivating our outdoor adventures. We are quickly approaching the start of the April Hike it Baby 30 Challenge so we wanted to give you 30 ideas for places to go to spend time outdoors this spring:


30 Places To Play Outside

1. Find a new route in your neighborhood 16. Cross a creek
2. Head to a coffee shop 17. Visit a nature center
3. Find a National Park near you (or not near you and make it a great road trip!) 18. Head to a festival
4. Find a new to you State Park 19. Rock walk! Head some where rocky and balance along the rocks.
5. Discover a new local park 20. Go to a wildlife refuge and count birds
6. Head to the playground 21. Look for a community garden
7. Play in the sand at the beach 22. Ask a park ranger a question
8. Find a new camping spot 23. Find a tunnel and listen to the echoes
9. Head up a mountain 24. Draw a circle on a map and find something unique in that area
10. Walk down a ravine 25. Go to an outdoor concert
11. To your backyard for a squeegee or snipe hunt 26. Have a picnic dinner
12. Cross a suspension bridge 27. Splash in as many puddles as possible
13. Find a waterfall 28. Participate in an urban gardening or clean up day
14. Explore a pond 29. Find a hill and roll down it (this is great for vestibular development and deep sensory kids)
15. Visit a prairie and look for rodents of unusual size 30. Stomp, scoot or roll along a boardwalk and listen to the sounds

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We hope this gives you some new and exciting ways to get outside! Have you joined the HiB30 Challenge yet? This is a great way to keep you and your family motivated and inspired to get outdoors all month long! Also, just by registering, you are automatically entered to win prizes from some of our amazing sponsors, like Onya, Deuter, BOB, and KEEN. Share with friends and family and have them join you in signing up for the April HiB30 Challenge now! See you outside!

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