Whether it’s listening to the leaves crunching under our shoes on a hike, jumping into leaf piles, or smelling the fresh crisp air as we admire the beautiful hues of the harvest season, the sensory experience fall invokes within us all is sure to make a lasting impression on our family as we head outdoors. We can take those memories a step further by creating leaf crafts that we can admire each season. We’ve thought of four simple low prep and low cost crafts to spend time doing with your kiddos this season. Head out to your own backyard to explore and gather different leaves to make these fun leaf crafts!

Looking to make these crafts a little more Leave No Trace friendly? Pick up some fake leaves at your local craft shop! Your kiddos can pick their favorite colors and their finished products will last for years to come!

Door wreath

Materials: Paper plate, glue, leaves, optional: ribbon to hang wreath

Instructions: Cut the center out of the paper plate and glue leaves all around the front of the wreath. Use similar colored leaves or mix them up for an even more colorful wreath.

4 crafts with leaves by Vong Hamilton for Hike it Baby


Materials: Cardstock, green felt, googly eyes, glue, leaves

Instructions: Glue two same-sized leaves on a sheet of cardstock, stems facing inward. Cut a long oval out of green felt and glue over the stems. Glue on googly eyes and watch your butterfly come to life!

4 crafts with leaves by Vong Hamilton for Hike it Baby


Materials: Cardstock or construction paper, felt or construction paper in dark brown, light brown, and red, googly eyes, leaves, glue

Instructions: Spread glue on cardstock and have child place leaves in a fan shape on the glue. Cut a peanut shape using the dark brown for the body and glue it down over the leaves. Glue on the googly eyes, cut out the waddle with red, and beak and feet and glue down.

4 crafts with leaves by Vong Hamilton for Hike it Baby

Canvas tree art

Materials: Canvas or cardstock, craft paints in red, brown, orange, and yellow; paint brush/ear swab/folded pipe cleaner (anything that can be used for paint dabbing);  leaves (optional); glue stick (optional)

Instructions: Spread the brown paint on your childs hand, and then stamp it on the cardstock or canvas and then paint on a trunk for the tree. Using the red, orange, and yellow paints dab in leaves around fingers and background. Cut or rip the leaves into smaller pieces, then using a glue stick, select an area near the trunk of the painted tree to apply glue and spread the cut of pieces of leaves at the bottom to create the look of fallen leaves.

4 crafts with leaves by Vong Hamilton for Hike it Baby

4 crafts with leaves by Vong Hamilton for Hike it Baby

4 Fun Fall Craft Ideas Made From Leaves

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Photos by Vong Hamilton.

What are your favorite fall crafts? Leave a comment below!




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