If you’re lucky enough to live in a region that sees shifts in the four seasons, you know that fall is one of the best times of year to spend outside. The weather cools down significantly and the array of colors that blaze across the horizon is absolutely breathtaking. And the views just never get old.

Fall is also a great time to teach young children about chlorophyll and the life cycle of a leaf. Then at the conclusion of the lesson, head out into your own yard to gather leaves and make some of these fun fall crafts. (If you’re like us and you don’t have a tree in your yard, feel free to ask the neighbors if you can pick up some of theirs.)

Door wreath

Materials: Paper plate, glue, leaves, optional: ribbon to hang wreath

Instructions: Cut the center out of the paper plate and glue leaves all around the front of the wreath. Use similar colored leaves or mix them up for an even more colorful wreath.

4 crafts with leaves by Vong Hamilton for Hike it Baby


Materials: Cardstock, green felt, googly eyes, glue, leaves

Instructions: Glue two same-sized leaves on a sheet of cardstock, stems facing inward. Cut a long oval out of green felt and glue over the stems. Glue on googly eyes and watch your butterfly come to life!

4 crafts with leaves by Vong Hamilton for Hike it Baby


Materials: Cardstock; felt sheets in dark brown, light brown and red; googly eyes; glue; leaves

Instructions: Glue leaves and spread them out like a fan on cardstock. Using the dark brown felt, cut a peanut shape and glue it over the leaves for the body. Glue on googly eyes, and cut out the waddle with the red felt and a beak with the light brown. Glue to each other, then glue over the body. Cut out feet for the turkey and slide it under the body so your turkey can walk.

4 crafts with leaves by Vong Hamilton for Hike it Baby

Canvas tree art

Materials: Canvas; craft paints in red, brown, orange and yellow; paint brush or anything that can pick up paint for dabbing

Instructions: Apply paint to your child’s palm and wrist. Carefully press their hand on the canvas to create their hand print. Brush on any brown to the bottom of the “tree trunk” so it doesn’t float on the canvas. Using a paint brush – we didn’t have a brush, so we used a pipe cleaner folded in thirds for better grip – dip it in paint colors then dab on the “leaves.” This is a fun activity for older kids as well as the littlest little, and you’ll have a fine piece of art hanging from your wall in no time!

4 crafts with leaves by Vong Hamilton for Hike it Baby

4 crafts with leaves by Vong Hamilton for Hike it Baby

4 Fun Fall Craft Ideas Made From Leaves

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Photos by Vong Hamilton.

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