So the weather’s changed. The summer strolls filled with giggling children bounding through picturesque parks and trails are gone. Replaced by drippy rain, muddy trails, and calls of cold hands and wet clothes from just about everyone. Or is that just my family of fair weather walkers?

Some warm hot coco is usually a quick and easy recipe for getting the kiddos to find their happiness again. Though having the right items with you on the hike can help make the whole experience a lot more fun and easier! Check out these four must-haves to help make the winter hikes a whole lot merrier.

Muddy Muchkins Boots:

These boots are ready for anything the weather can throw at them. Not to mention each. and. every. puddle your kids will find from the parking lot to the house. Designed to keep the kids warm and clean, they’re any parents best friend as they’re pretty easy to clean.

BooginHead Pack’Ems:

Nothing kills the mood faster than soggy goldfish that your toddler refuses to eat. That’s why using these BooginHead reusable plastic bags are perfect for the trail. Drop them? No, problem. Pouring rain? Simple. Keeping everything inside nice and fresh until you need it makes trail snacks a cinch and, more importantly, your kids happy.

Tommy Tippee Tumbler:

Durable and spill free (as much as a baby bottle can be) this tumbler is the perfect hydration station for your little one. I’ve put it through as many paces as my little guy has and it’s held up extremely well. It’s easy to slip in your bag and it’s ready to go. Plus super simple for their little hands to hold on to as they’re bouncing on your back or skipping down the trail.

“The Slide” Diaper Bag

So you’re probably bringing along enough stuff to outfit a small army but if you’re looking to slim down a bit. This diaper bag will have everything you need for a quick trail side change to carrying all the goodies and change of clothes you may need. It’s slim profile will help you carry it under a jacket if necessary and from feeling like you’re carrying a ton of extra weight and allow you to focus on the beauty surrounding you.

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Getting outdoors during the wet months can seem like a challenge or even a burden. But once you’re out there enjoying Mother Nature it’s always worth it. With a little extra planning before hand you can have the perfect hike and a picture perfect trek.

Now, to find the nearest hot chocolate….

Chad Carter is the co-founder of Dads Who Diaper, a website dedicated to dads and sharing the honest stories of fatherhood.


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