Congratulations to the following winners who won these awesome prizes from our Hike it Baby prize sponsors Cosmos Creations, Jenna Helwig, and Voke Tab! Just by registering for the HiB30 Challenge they were entered into our prize drawing at the end of each Challenge. It’s easy as that and so much fun! See what they had to say about their September Challenge experience!

What prize did you win? What will you do with it once you receive it?

Cosmos Creations Popcorn Package
Sharon Hoffman (Zellar) hiked with Alex, 2.

Smoothie-licious Book
Amy Pierno hiked with Anna- 16 months and says, “I won the smoothie book- we as a family make smoothies daily in the vitamix so we are excited to have ideas to break the monotony of the same old flavors!”
2 other lucky winners won a copy of the book as well!

Tin of Voke Tab
Brittany Juge hiked with Jaxson McLamore, he made 1 in May (17 months old), and says, “A tin of Voke tab! I have heard great things about this natural energy product, and can’t wait to test it out.  I’m a coffee drinker, so if something else can keep me from becoming a Mombie, I may be their new favorite customer!”
1 other lucky winner won a tin of Voke Tab as well!


Tell us how the HiB30 Challenge “challenged” you to get outdoors and get those miles!

September Hib30 Challenge WinnersSharon: This challenge I was not a very motivated mama, 5 months pregnant, too much rain and a 2 year old who refused to be carried most days. BUT we did lots of short walks to and from our local playgrounds to help keep moving!

Amy:  The HIB challenge was such a gift for me & our family. Tracking mileage and seeing fellow hiker, walker, runner moms making time to get out no matter how far or glorious the terrain, made me change my habits and get out. Working full time it was easy for a while to plop on the couch after a long day, now my daughter grabs my sneakers and runs to the door when we get home -“walk mama!”. And we go- the challenge made me do it when I may not have otherwise and now it’s my favorite part of the day! Getting to the trails with the HIB branch or my hub on the weekends is such a therapeutic thing. Being active before becoming a mom was easy, then excuses set in for too long since having my LO- the challenge has truly helped get me over the excuses hump and all these fellow families have pushed me to a place where I’m getting my strength back and pushing limits again. Can’t wait for the next challenge!

Brittany:  This was my first Hike it Baby 30 challenge, and my introduction to all things HiB. I stumbled upon a blog post that talked about the site while I was looking for ways to get outside with my little boy in our area. I had been feeling a bit depressed and the summer heat/humidity in south Louisiana is no joke. We started finding small trails, walking the lakefront and playing at the parks in the mornings or late evenings, that’s when I noticed we were both happier being surrounded by nature. I wasn’t looking for Hike it Baby, but I like to think Hike it Baby found me. I searched the site up and down and signed up for the challenge that day! We were determined to go outside an hour a day, and Jax wasn’t having anything less. He was my motivation. The front door would open and he would fight to get outside even in 90+ degree weather with 100% humidity, he didn’t care he just wanted to pick up rocks, sit in the grass and watch the animals around him. Within a week I signed up to be a lead in our area since we didn’t have one, and I am determined to get more families outside as well!


Were you surprised at the miles you achieved?

September Hib30 Challenge WinnersSharon: I was hoping and planning for more.

Amy:  We achieved about 35 miles which I was really happy about! I thought we would be lucky to hit 30.

Brittany:  Yes! I was surprised at how easy it was to get miles, and was shocked when we were only 20 days in and almost at 30. We slacked off at the end, because the heat was just too much.


Did you learn any tips/tricks for getting little ones out from the other participants in the Challenge?

Sharon: Bribery with grapes!

Amy: My daughter loves bring outside so getting out was easy but to keep her either in the carrier or stroller, the key is a ready snack, water, and some little trinket or toy when counting trees and clouds and squirrels loses it’s luster.

Brittany:  We weren’t able to get out with anyone else doing the challenge, but we did get out more with friends and family.  My advice to anyone would be to start small, one mile a day, even if it’s just to walk the block. Just get outside. You’ve got this!!


Thanks again to our awesome prize sponsors for supplying Hike it Baby with amazing prizes to share with our winners! Join in the next HiB30 Challenge for your chance to win!!

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