Starting out as a new parent can be daunting enough but trying to get kids outside, especially in the wintertime, can seem impossible. So, what’s a mama to do? Well, search the Hike it Baby blog for inspiration, of course! …at least, that’s what I did. I’ve rounded up 5 great Hike it Baby articles on winter hiking with kids to get you started and answer all those burning questions.

family on a winter hike

1. 10 Reasons to Brave Winter Hiking With Your Family

So, first things first. After a big snowfall, I am usually really excited to get outside with my son and play in the snow. I want to share with him all the great things I did as a kid like snowball fights, and snowmen and sledding, but somewhere between the sopping wet pile of clothing from yesterday and the meltdown about not wanting to go outside at all, I change my mind. I start to wonder why I am going to all the trouble. Well, if that’s you too this article does a great job of reminding us why we do this in the first place.

2. Winter Hiking With Babies

Ok, so after that last article, I’m committed and excited again, but where do I start when making sure the really little one is warm enough? No worries, this piece includes a comprehensive list of gear and tips and even has a downloadable checklist.

3. Top Three Things To Pack On Your Next Winter Hike With Your Toddler

The little one is bundled and warm enough but what about the toddler? Here’s a quick cheat sheet of the best tips for making sure your toddler has a great time out there.

mom with child in carrier on a winter hike

4. How To Overcome These 6 Common Winter Hiking Dangers

So, you’re ready to hike and everyone is bundled and warm but…you’re nervous. What about cold temps, wild animals, ice?! And rightfully so, we are venturing out with our kids after all. No worries, this article walks you through all those fears and leaves you feeling prepared and ready.

5. What To Do Indoors When It’s Too Cold To Hike

All this advice is great, but what if it really is too cold to hike? This article breaks down all the factors that contribute to temperature and how to know when cold is too cold. It also gives a list of great ideas to get those wintertime wiggles out inside.

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