Boobs, the twins, the ladies, our bust – we’ve probably all got quite a few names we like to use. And, when it comes to keeping our chest supported and comfortable while on the trail, there is a plethora of sports bras to choose from. Are you looking for a new sports bra but are overwhelmed by the many choices? Or are you having a hard time finding one that fits correctly?

To help, we’ve reviewed five sports bras to help you sort through the options.

Boody Eco Wear Racerback 

What’s unique about Boody Eco Wear is the material. The bamboo and spandex blend (80/20) provide a silky-like base layer that keeps its shape surprisingly well. The Racerback Sports Bra is part of their new active line and comes with removable padding. The bra fits true to size and is well-fitted without being too tight around the bust or shoulders. It comes in sizes XS – XL. Size tested: Medium (bust size 36B).

I was impressed by how supportive this sports bra was because the material feels oh so soft and silky. I prefer to wear it without the padding when working out, but I liked the look of the padding if wearing more casually around town. As advertised, the Boody Racerback sports bra is medium support, meaning you may want a sports bra with more support for runs or higher intensity activities (especially for bustier women). It is so comfortable to wear and doesn’t feel like it pulls at your shoulders like some other sports bras. I also love that it is breathable and odor resistant – perfect for hot yoga, hiking and kid-wrangling. —Christina Merhar

5 Sports bras for active women for Hike it BabyPhotos taken from Boody Eco Wear.

Enell Sport 

If you’re a C-cup or larger, the Enell Sport is a great option that provides both support and full coverage, so you can feel confident you’re getting the maximum support you need on the trails. Made of a LYCRA® Spandex blend (90% nylon/10% LYCRA®), the Enell Sport is a great option for everyday wear or while performing high-impact sports. Wide shoulder straps married with an equally wide band around the chest area eliminate excessive – and unwanted – movement while reducing strain on shoulders. FIND YOUR FIT!

The Enell Sport is a good bra for bustier, voluptuous women who want to feel supported and contained. It has a lot of coverage area, so it’s best under a T-shirt or with a tank where you don’t mind your bra showing. I really liked that it has the front closure, allowing me to open it for breastfeeding on the trail. The hook & eye closure isn’t quick access, but it gives me more flexibility than a standard sports bra with no front access. Enell’s fabric breathes well and feels nice on your skin. The wider band and shoulder straps keep it from rolling, riding up or moving out of place over longer periods of wear. The crossed support across the back also gives a little more support for larger cup sizes that often feel heavy and cause back strain. I’m a 44DD and consider it a very supportive bra, great for hitting the trails, chasing busy toddlers or fast-paced urban strolls. —Jessica Carrillo Alatorre

5 Sports bras for active women for Hike it BabyPhotos taken from Enell.


The Handful Adjustable Bra is an easy pick to love. The straps are adjustable and versatile so you can wear it cross-strapped, halter or straight, and it comes with removable pads. The Handful Adjustable Bra is a great choice for everyday wear or for working out – whatever your choice – and can be worn from the office straight to the gym. The front is cinched for a feminine touch and is great worn with any neckline. The best part? It comes in nine colors and four fun prints! Size tested: 32C.

This bra passed the 24-hour test. It was so comfortable that I could sleep in it (which is a blessing for breasts that need support during pregnancy). I also could see nursing in it, as the straps are pretty stretchy and would easily allow being pulled down to nurse. It’s definitely a lower-impact sports bra with lots to love. —Heidi Schertz

5 Sports bras for active women for Hike it BabyPhotos taken from Handful.

The Handful Y Back Bra is an alternative sports bra to the original Handful Adjustable Bra. With its wider straps, the Y Back Bra provides a significantly higher level of support for higher-impact activities. It also comes with removable pads that, when removed, offers a hidden compartment for small items you want to keep on you like money or keys. Sizes range from XS to XL with five color options.

If you are pregnant and your breasts are growing, you’ll definitely want to go up a size. The rib cage band is snug and you aren’t going to go anywhere. This one also isn’t nursing-friendly, but is definitely trail-worthy and dries fast. I love that compression didn’t mean flattening, and I was also able to move comfortably with no chafing. I loved how I felt supported even when running after my toddler and climbing some pretty steep terrain. The fabric was super smooth and a pleasure to wear. —Heidi Schertz

5 Sports bras for active women for Hike it BabyPhotos taken from Handful.


Anita’s air control DeltaPad is an innovative sports bra that provides full coverage and maximum support for all levels of activity. With cup sizes ranging from 30AA to 42H, the DeltaPad accommodates every size comfortably without sacrificing look and feel. Its light airy mesh material not only wicks sweat away and is quick-drying, it’s also fashionable (and sexy!) and allows for air circulation throughout. The DeltaPad is also seamless and can be worn under any fabric for a smooth profile. Or if you want, because of its stylish design, you can wear it as is on a hot day and strut your stuff.

Standing at just 5’0 and with a busty 32F, I’ve always had trouble finding sports bras that fit properly. I was skeptical at first when I noticed the light padding and soft material, but the DeltaPad has a great fit that’s comparable to my everyday bras. The thick straps were comfortable and the length was perfect with no adjustments needed. The hook & eye closures in the back are convenient, so there’s no struggling to get in and out like my other sports bras. As a half-marathoner, hiker and mom of three (with two active boys), I’m over-the-moon thrilled to have found a sports bra that offers the support and comfort I need in my size and for my active lifestyle. Please, I want one of every color, honey! —Vong Hamilton

5 Sports bras for active womenPhoto taken from Anita.

We hope this round of women’s sports bras will help you find comfort and support out on the trail.

What is your favorite sports bra? What type of gear should we review next? Comment below!

5 Sports bras for the active woman for Hike it Baby

Photo: Jennifer Bradwin

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