Hiking with the baby can be challenging, especially in the beginning. It’s hard enough carrying a baby, but add in all of the things you “need” when you have a baby and suddenly you find yourself feeling like a pack mule on the trail. After a few weighted down hikes I perfected my kit, so here’s my little bit of tried and true:

1. BLOW OUTS! They always happen at the worst moment. Nothing is nastier than traveling with a poopy baby. So, to cut the load down bring one long sleeve, long legs onesie zip up vs. pants and top. The sleeper kind of outfit. Strip, change, go. One piece is easier to carry and not lose.

2. WATER. Oh I am the queen of forgetting water or thinking my hike won’t be long. Then I am parched when I get to the car. Not good for the milk supply. Even though it’s heavy, bring a little water. If you want to get your water weight super even invest in a SMALL Camelbak collapsible bladder and the pack. I specify this brand because they really work well. There are lots of other brands but if a Camelbak ever leaks, you can contact them and they will send a new bladder.

3. SHOES. Get good shoes. Don’t wear those hip, sneakers that will slide out or the second hand pair your sister was throwing away. Invest in shoes! Your ankles, feet and knees will thank you. Also, you want good traction when you are cruising on uneven surfaces and carrying a baby. Falling with the baby would be not so awesome, so think about it like it’s insurance.

4. SNACKS. Mom’s always forget to eat. Travel light, but bring hearty snacks for your self. Nuts, raisins, fruit leather, jerky, Lara bars, licorice, apples, peanut butter.

5. THE KIT. Travel lite. I like to pack a little kit of things using two Ziplock bags (one quart size and one gallon size). Add a little pull of wipes into the quart sized and put two diapers and the quart bag of wipes into the gallon size. If you want to be more eco-friendly, you can get one of these wet bags from Planet Wise, however it doesn’t pack down as light and tight as a Ziplock. Now you are complete. Maybe a little bum cream in a TINY ziplock or a travel version of diaper cream from California Baby.


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