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Spring is here! For most of us, that means blossoming flowers, warmer weather, and lots of rain. While the rain is excellent for all those spring flowers, sometimes it is easy to feel like you are stuck inside. But fear not! The rain absolutely does not mean you and your children need to remain indoors. In fact, rainy weather is another way to enjoy nature with your children.

It really all comes down to comfort, right? Getting wet and cold doesn’t usually feel comfortable, but that all changes when you are wearing the right clothes! Yup, playing in the rain is actually a blast when you don’t have to worry about feeling cold and soaking wet. The saying, “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes,” exists for a reason and we’re excited to share Stonz boots and rain suits to help you dress your family for rain play success!

Stonz is all about helping parents raise children to be adventurous, go-getters, explorers, and more, and offers so many wonderful types of boots and rain suits (and other outdoor gear) to help do just that! Their gear is earth-friendly and comes with a year warranty, plus their footwear is pediatric seal certified.

Stonz has everything you need to enjoy a rainy day with your kids! They have solid-colored Rain Boots and adorable patterned Rain Boots. Their rain boots are made of 100% Natural Rubber, and are super easy to put on and take off, which means you can promote independence for your kiddos, which makes getting outside that much easier! Plus, they have high-quality 100% waterproof rain suits and a boot that can also act as a dual rain boot and winter boot. They are offering the Hike it Baby Community a discount of 10% off your purchase with code HIB10 so be sure to check out those new spring rain boots today!


And once your family is ready to enjoy the wet weather, here are 6 easy ways to enjoy a rainy day outdoors with kids.

1. Jump in puddles

This is as easy as it sounds! Put on your rain boots and rain suits and work together to create the biggest splash; try to run and jump over big puddles, run through puddles, and let your children just enjoy the puddles to their heart’s content.

2. Save the worms

When it rains our worm friends try to escape the water by climbing onto drier surfaces that are usually unsafe for them, such as sidewalks, driveways, and bike paths. Saving the worms is so easy and kids absolutely love it. All you do is teach your children to gently pick up the worms and move them to a safer spot. If your children are too young to pick them up gently, they can be your worm scout and find them and you can move them.

3. Sing and dance

This is a perfect way to enjoy a rainy day, especially if your little humans love to sing and dance. Just throw on your rainy-day clothes and enjoy being silly with your kids. Make up your own rain dance or song about rain, mud, or puddles. If you have a covered outdoor space to protect your electronic devices, you can blast some tunes to dance or sing along to. Having fun is the most important part.

4. Go for a rainy day walk

This walk can be as simple as meandering your neighborhood or it can be more adventurous by walking a favorite trail (paved or gravel may be best). Wherever you walk, look out for all the ways the area is different in the rain. One fun activity is to find a sewer drain and watch the way the water rushes around debris and into the drain.

5. Play in the mud

Another great thing about rain suits and rain boots is that they are super easy to clean off and are perfect for mud play. So find a muddy spot and make mud pies, build mud castles, and enjoy the mud with your kids.

6. Go for a bike ride in the rain

Another really fun way to enjoy the rain is to ride bikes in it. Kids love riding their bikes through puddles and watching the water spray up. And rain suits and boots will keep your little ones dry as they zoom around enjoying their bikes in a new type of weather.




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