Taking on a ‘Hike it Baby 30 Challenge‘ can seem pretty daunting, especially if you are new to hiking with kids. Our last challenge, in November, had 1,124 participants who collectively logged 20,442 miles and 904,645 minutes outside. This group had amazing tips for how to get outside and have a successful HiB30 Challenge.


1) Get your homefront covered

Having a meal planned, relying on crockpot meals and having a huge stash of healthy snacks prepared means you spend valuable time hiking, instead of worrying about meals.

2) Prepare the night before

Just like making meals and snacks, prepacking your pack and the kid’s bags means you are less likely to be rushed or late the morning of. If everything is ready, there are fewer excuses to stay home.

3) Tailor your challenge

One parent focused on getting 30 trail miles. Another parent successfully toilet trained her son during the challenge by focusing on getting minutes. Many parents had a goal to have no “zero” days. One member “collected” all the county parks in her area. These self-challenges made each challenge participant more invested in getting outside.

4) Host or Co-host a hike

Accountability was a huge factor to a lot of our hikers.  When you are responsible for showing up it’s sometimes easier to make sure you get there and are committed to going outside.

5) Don’t sit down when you get home

You just picked up your kiddo from daycare, instead of plopping on the couch, turn yourself right around and walk out the door. Even 30 minutes spent playing in the yard or walking in the neighborhood is better than no time at all.

6) Walk your errands

One parent maxed out miles by walking to the grocery. Normally this would have been a car trip, but she got 3 miles round-trip out of it. Another parent took the kids on the daily run.

7) Be realistic about your challenge

If you have a 3-year-old who hates the stroller/carrier with a fiery passion and insists on walking 10 yards and examining every stick, you might be best suited to racking up minutes outside, while gently encouraging your kiddo to walk a bit farther before examining sticks. If you have a kiddo who walks but just needs some encouragement to walk farther, maybe miles is your goal this month. Maybe you focus on miles for yourself and oldest child, but minutes for your youngest.

Rachel Gerth said that while this challenge was toddler-paced, what made it the most successful was her son asking to go hike and walk more miles. I know that for me, I love racking up miles, but ultimately my goal is to have my children love it too. My kids asking to go hike and loving being outside is what makes a successful challenge for me.

Special thanks to Rachel Gerth, Izzie Felstead, Steph Russ, Brenda Long, Andrea Filipowicz, Molly Porzei and the November HiB30 Challenge room for their tips and tricks.

Photo Credits: Krystal Weir

Want to learn more about the HiB30 Challenge? See the HiB30 Challenge page on our website and join in the fun today!

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