Hello lovely tiny humans! Big hugs to everyone! Momma says the spring is FINALLY here so we have been outside a lot a lot this past week (not really sure what a week is but that’s the excuse Momma gave Dadda when the house was messy).

I thought this time we could talk about how to really enjoy yourself out on hikes! Momma uses the word “hike” for almost anytime we go outside, so it’s a pretty loose term. I like it better when we go on hikes that I can walk and have my other Hike it Baby friends. Since it’s Spring and we are going outside more often and longer, I felt it’s important we discuss how to really get the most out of our time outside.

a toddlers tips how to enjoy your hikes 1Find a friend. Hold their hand. This makes the walk so much more fun. Also, if they are in a stroller, get into their stroller with them. This makes the walk much more cozy. Friends make everything better.

Find your pockets. Now fill them rocks and acorns. If you don’t have a pocket, ask a big human to carry your rocks and acorns. Momma always has pockets that are super big so I can have her carry a lot a lot of acorns. I want to make a big tree in my yard so I need more acorns.

Grab a stick. The bigger the better. Opa likes to use sticks for walking so I figure it’s a good thing to always have one.

Snacks are critical. Snacks are even better when they are someone else’s! Momma always brings pretzels so it’s important that I check out what everyone else brought. I really like it when Graham’s Momma brings crackers. She has really good crackers.

Ask for uppies but don’t stay in the Honey for long (editor note: Sky Baby calls her Onya Baby carrier Honey). The Honey is for long, long, long walks and naps. There is no time for naps as we are walking with our friends. Just get a short rest so you can walk more.

a toddlers tips how to enjoy your hikes 2Wear your rain suit and boots. You never know when you will find a puddle and Momma doesn’t seem to like wet clothes. Not sure why, as that’s half the fun, but I will wear my rain suit and boots if that allows me to sit in puddles. It’s called compromise. Momma uses that term often with Daddy when she wants to go to a place called the wine bar.

Speaking of compromise at least let Momma get one picture. She seems happier when she can get the one photo then it’s off to go play. Be strict and only allow the one photo as big humans love to keep you in the one spot FOREVER to get a perfect photo. There are acorns to find so only the one photo.

Holdie Momma’s hand or Dadda’s or Opa’s or well anyone’s. Walks are so much fun together! Hold on we need to switch hands so I can hold my stick better. I love to hold hands and walk with my family and friends!

Most importantly enjoy the moment! Stop and smell the dandelions, jump in the puddle, or just sit in the middle of the trail to feel the breeze. Doesn’t matter how long the moment lasts as long as you are having fun!

Big hugs and hope you can use my tips to get the most out of your hikes! XOXO Sky Baby

IMG_20160424_144637Jessica Featherstone lives in the somewhat north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her husband, toddler, and two dogs. Jessica is often found trying to keep a toddler from bush whacking through the forest or entertained on neighborhood walks. She occasionally blogs at One Babe and Done and obsessively posts photos of her toddler on Instagram when she isn’t busy helping out with Hike it Baby social media.


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