Have you been hesitant to get on trail with Hike it Baby? Maybe you’ve been lurking in the Facebook group or checking the calendar everyday and you just haven’t been sure about whether you could keep up or if the group is right for you?

Recently KEEN footwear shot this little video with our local group in Portland in Tryon Creek state park. This hike is a good example of a general all around hike with our group and a little bit about how this all started.

Hike it Baby – KEEN Kids from Shanti Hodges on Vimeo.

Our goal with every Hike it Baby hike from Staten Island, NY to Louisville, KY to Austin, TX to Portland, OR is that every hike be user friendly for all. This means we move slow, we wait for each other and we are all just regular parents like you. We aren’t uber athletes and in many cases hikes will have many first time hikers out with the group.

The best way to become part of the group is to look in the calendar for a hike close to home. This way you will be most comfortable. If you don’t see something close to home you can contact the lead for the hike and email with them to learn about the trail and if it’s right for you.

Hike it Baby is built around no judgement and no pressure. We want everyone to feel comfortable getting out on trail with our community no matter what your family situation is (lots of kids to wrangle, recovering from a c-section, not comfortable with carrier yet). There will usually be a number of hikes throughout the week for you to choose from.

That said, in newer branches there might not be a lot of hikes yet. If you aren’t seeing what you want but you are hoping people will gather in your area, you can also lead a hike. Reach out the the local branch admins and ask them to walk you through posting a hike and leading. It’s as simple as doing a welcome circle and heading out on to the trail.

We are not a professional guide service. Hike it Baby is a platform to help families find each other and gather local community in the outdoors. Anyone can become a part of Hike it Baby and we are fueled and funded by volunteers and participants like you. We hope to see you out on trail soon!

–Shanti, Hike it Baby Founder


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