Adidas has been kind enough to hook us up with an invite into their employee store. This applies to all Hike it Baby and your family so print up this Hike It Baby adidas Employee Store Pass Aug 2014 and head on in to the store. Make sure you read all of the info they sent us to!

Other hook ups this month are lead a hike between now and September 15 and we will enter your name into a drawing for one Onya Baby carrier. These super awesome carriers are light, have a high chair built in and are great for hot days because of their wicking fabric.



Through this invitation your organization is granted access to the adidas Employee Store for a specific duration of time, during which you will receive 50% off retail prices*. To ensure all guests have a premium shopping experience, a physical print-out of the shopping invitation with the bottom portion complete is required to enter the store.

Here’s how it works:

1. We receive your contact information and you distribute the shopping invitation to your organization

2. You print out the shopping invitation for yourself and complete the bottom portion. You may share the shopping invitation with family and friends. Access to the store is unlimited during your allotted shopping duration; however, you must bring a copy of your shopping invitation each time.

3. You bring the completed shopping invitation with you to the Employee Store. A physical copy of the shopping invitation must be presented to gain entry into the store, no exceptions. You will be asked to present your completed shopping invitation to enter the store and at check-out.

4. This discount only applies at the adidas Employee Store located in the adidas Village at 5060 North Greeley Avenue.

To have access to the store, you simply need to bring a physical copy/ print-out of the shopping invitation that has been sent to your organization. During the time period that your group has been invited to shop, you are not limited to the number of visits or the number of guests you may bring. If your group has questions about the shopping invitation, please have them contact the adidas Employee Store at 971-234-8536. (This info is on the shopping invite as well.)



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