And the Winners are..One month of hiking with over 300 families and almost 10,000 miles covered. What a fun adventure we all had. What started as a random quick idea on a hike by Hike it Baby Portlander Beth Silva while out on the Wildwood trail with her daughter Ramona, became a much bigger idea embraced by Hike it Baby families nationwide.

For the first time we all connected beyond just our area and got to see Hike it Baby hikes all over from Anchorage to Austin to Asheville and how awesome that was? It’s amazing to see how motivated you can be when you have others watching you get out there and pushing you along. I can’t tell you how many times people posted that they weren’t going to go out and then they found themselves on Facebook and realized everyone else was out getting miles, so they better do it too.

I personally found myself a little short on the last few days and so I rallied some of my mama friends to motivate me and we muscled out a few hikes in the cold and the rain. We even had a little hail/rain mixture one day (thanks for braving it all with me Kaleigh, Jessica, Mary, Anka, Leah, Ashley, Susan, et al).

But enough about that…you all are really reading this because you want to know who won all of the cool prizes like the Garmin GPS, the MyMayu boots, the Ergo cover from Carry Me Away, the Ahnu boots, the 7am Enfant cover, the Road Runner Sports outfit and so many more cool prizes right? The list was long and sweet and it was even more fun to pick people and think about all of the great hikes that we saw on Facebook from each winner.

So without further delay, I present to you the winning carrier who can claim prizes for their awesome babies (we didn’t post baby names because of privacy concerns outside of our private pages) for the first ever Hike it Baby 30! To claim your prize please go to this link and send us a pic of you and your little one on trail so we can social media away. Also we would really appreciate a picture of you once you get your prize so we can share it with our amazing sponsors.

Nikwax Hard Shell Duo Pack Andrea Gardner
Nikwax Footwear Duo Pack Katie Laine Thorton
Boba Fleece Vest ( Vanessa Aneur
kids beanies from Discrete 1 Alissa Pruett
Mamalates DVD 1 Sierra Wendorff
Hike it Baby waterbottle 1 Sarah Foxon
Hike it Baby waterbottle 2 Audra Ostergard
Hike it Baby keychain 1 Melissa McEver
Hike it Baby keychain 2 Jennifer Carlton
Sigg Viva Waterbottle and Kids Bottle Eugenie Chappo
Leatherman Leap Megan Bilby
kids beanies from Discrete 2 Kathryn Toner
Mamalates DVD 2 Allison Howard
Hike it Baby waterbottle 3 Karen McNeill Saielli
Hike it Baby waterbottle 4 Laura Benson Dalton
Hike it Baby keychain 3 Genevieve Gervais cadrin
Hike it Baby keychain 4 Caroline Walker
Hike it Baby keychain 5 Sarah Hurkett
LED LENSER NEO Headlamps Sarah Beth Labonte
Leatherman Skeletool Kristin Storheim
Mamalates DVD 3 Tanya Derrick John
Hike it Baby waterbottle 5 Jessika Sorg
Wahoo Fitness TICKR X heart rate monitor Rose McGlaughlin
Rodan Skincare Line Myah Kehoe
Adidas Mountain Sports AX 2 CF K hiking shoes Deborah Williams
Ergo Rain Cover ( Nicole Hammond
A Stonz bundle of Bootiez, Linerz and Mittz for kids Ryan Smith
Full hiking/running outfit from Road Runner Sports Sarah Box
Onya Baby Carrier Kestrel Brogran
Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Boot Waterproof hiking boots Heidi Anhalt
Adidas Outdoor W Hiking Heldinnen Jacket Megan Lucas
7 a.m. Enfant Pookie Poncho Classic Catalina Clarke Duncan
Kiddogear Harness Ginny Gustin
MyMayu waterproof boots for kiddos! Kirsten Phillips
Garmin Etrex GPS Erica Kimnach Grey

These babies are ready to do it again. Are you?

And the Winners are..

2 thoughts on “And the Winners are…

  • Megan Bilby
    Megan Bilby

    Hooray! I am so excited to win a Leatherman Leap multitool! I have one at home already but it will be super nice to keep one in my hiking supplies, in my car! You can never be too prepared!

  • Megan Bilby
    Megan Bilby

    Hooray! I am so excited to win a Leatherman Leap multitool! I have one at home already but it will be super nice to keep one in my hiking supplies, in my car! You can never be too prepared!


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