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Hike it Baby would like to thank our incredible Title Sponsors at Onya for their generous prize donation for the April 2016 HiB30 Challenge drawing! Valerie Reid/Finch is the lucky winner (chosen randomly from 1000+ participants in the most recent HiB Challenge).  Congratulations, Valerie!

As always, we reach out to each winner to learn more about their experiences and plans. When we caught up with Valerie, she expressed excitement about her new Onya, particularly for rainy day hiking. (We also love that these awesome carriers are waterproof!)

We love to hear how joining an HiB30 Challenge makes a difference in how each family gets outside during the various times of year (September, November, January, and of course, April). We find that when there’s a challenge involved, many families take advantage of that extra push to explore. Valerie confirmed that the same was true for her family, whose favorite hiking spots are Marshal Falls and Point Defiance, although she said they found lots of great spots during the month.

“We got outside so much more during the HiB30 Challenge. It helped that there are others to with and my kids, who were skeptical, ended up having an amazing time.”

As with any experience with kids, there are always a few hiccups, and we like to understand more about the varying experiences our families have around the world. Not only does it help us learn more about our hikers, but it also lets us know what sorts of articles and expert advice we might want to explore to have available at our fingertips. We asked Valerie her thoughts on what three moments from the April Challenge that stuck out for her (including the good, the bad, and the ugly)

“Oh my. OK let’s start with the good: We met a lot of new friends. The bad: I didn’t get to always finish a hike :/ and I feel the worst thing was a hike I did alone with the kids even though it was my favorite I was so scared the entire time about an animal attack. I’m not sure why but it freaked me out the whole time.”

Once again, Hike it Baby wishes Valerie the best of times going on family hikes with their new Onya!

April 2016 HiB30 Challenge Winner - Onya 2

Onya Baby Tips

As our winner Valerie moves forward with future hike plans, Diana Coote from Onya, has shared some great tips for her and others new to using the Onya Baby carrier so they can get the most out if its many features.

The whole Onya Baby family loves Hike it Baby’s mission to get outside and bring the kids. The Challenge is a great way to motivate branches to join in, get out, and feel better. When all-inclusive acceptance and en-masse motivation come together, great things happen! The final participation numbers show just how effective it is – over 1,500 families! Truly, everyone wins.

Onya Baby is ALL about being outside, being active, and bringing Baby along for the ride. From our beginning, we wanted to create a company – and carriers – that supported that mission and our love for the outdoors. We support agencies and eco-certifications, like the Nature Conservancy and Bluesign, and Hike it Baby, because we feel so strongly about doing our part to promote environmental responsibility. There’s so much research that indicates the health benefits of being outside – for children and adults alike. Onya Baby and Hike it Baby go together like birds and springtime; like bees and honey.

Aleshia, Billy, and myself, the Onya Baby co-founders, are avidly active and into getting outside. We took our interest in the outdoor industry and combined it with our love for including babies in everyday life and activity, and created a whole new take on the soft-structured baby carrier.

We were the first to create a baby carrier using the technical fabric and materials that you’d find in a high-quality hiking pack – like durable rip-stop nylon, breathable air mesh, ultra-supportive lumbar padding, low-profile foam, and recycled materials. Our focus is on quality and design. An Onya Baby carrier will last through more than one child – and has multiple functions – because buying less is better for our wallets and our planet.

We did it – and continue to do it – because we deeply believe in supporting active lifestyles and building eco-awareness. Our natural world is essential to our health, both mental and physical, and we want to work with all those who promote responsible stewardship. Research has shown that children who are raised with lots of healthy exposure to the natural world are more likely to feel a sense of responsibility for its protection. That’s a good thing – for now and for our future.

A few tips can help make your outdoor adventures with your baby Onya even better:

April 2016 HiB30 Challenge Winner - Onya 3

  1. Wear your waist belt on your upper hips and get it nice and snug. The shoulder straps shouldn’t be overly tight. This will put your baby’s weight on your hips, not your shoulders, and will give you slack for your baby’s bum. That’s how you’ll find a nice, deep seat pocket for your baby.
  2. Once you get your baby into a nice seat in your Onya, gently bounce while lifting his/her legs. You’ll find a great seat this way.
  3. Is it hot out? Try placing a frozen gel ice pack or two in the front kangaroo pocket. It will keep your baby and your hands cooler!
  4. Onya Baby carriers are a System. All the parts function together in a beautiful way. Need more storage? Use the Hispter! Webbing on the waist feeling diggy in a back carry? Use the Muffin Top Stop! Baby getting mouthy? Use the Chewies! They’re the only teething pads that cover the corners, snap into place, and have a water-resistant backing. Got a new squish? Use the Booster! It’s the only infant insert that integrates with the carrier, making it super secure. It’s also the most breathable insert you’ll find. No worries about over-heating.
  5. When shopping for a baby carrier, look for one that provides ample support. Check upper weight limits and lumbar support. Your baby and your back will thank you for it!
  6. A taller-bodied carrier will grow with your child, keeping them secure and close to your body. This will keep them from leaning back and throwing off your balance.
Photo Credits: Ashley Scheider, Ginny Gustin

New Logo OnyaAre you inspired? We are! Join us in the next HiB30 Challenge and you will be entered to win more amazing prizes just by registering! Not only that, you get to experience the fun of being included in the motivating HiB30 community and getting your family outside!


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