This past April was a busy time for everyone who participated in the HiB30 Challenge! We accomplished our goals of getting our families outside and hiking and had fun doing it! The goal of the Challenge is to get outside for 30 minutes 3 times per week or to hike for 30 miles in 30 days. Many of the participants won prizes just by registering for the HiB30 Challenge and they have shared their experiences with us. Read what they have to say about it! If you haven’t joined us in a Challenge yet, be sure to stay tuned to our website for more information on the next HiB30 Challenge in September! It’s a great way to get motivated and help to inspire others in the community.

April HiB30 Challenge  Winner s Stories 1

How did joining the HiB30 Challenge make a difference in how your family got outside in April?

Emily Murnen – It definitely made a difference in getting outside! Despite two rounds of pink eye and the entire family having a cold, the Challenge definitely got us outside more even if it was just a 10 minute walk outside.

Jessica Chowning –
We are outside all the time but joining the Challenge gave us a fun way to keep track of just how much!

Jill Andrews –
Last spring, I said I was going to hike, this year we’re actually doing it. Seeing the fun hikes other people were going on, and the supportive community really inspired our family to get our there!  It has opened up such fantastic family quality time, I can’t express my gratitude enough!

Sundae Younkers –
It was cold in NJ this April, but being in the challenge made me dress for the weather and get out there with my girls!

Timothy McKenzie –
It made us find extra time to make sure we were getting outside as a family, even if it was just an after dinner walk around the neighborhood.

Joseph Spear –
My family has a crazy work schedule. My wife works a few different jobs that my son gets to tag along to. She gets to spend a lot of time with him but she never felt like they were really bonding. HiB30 let her reconnect with him and have some one on one time throughout the crazy week. Before HiB30, it was easy for us to waste a whole weekend just watching tv and not getting out of the house because we were tired from the long week. Now we spend hours outside together and end up feeling more relaxed by Sunday than we did before.

Do you have a favorite hiking spot? Did you discover any new places during the Challenge?

April HiB30 Challenge  Winner s Stories 1 I only started hiking last spring, so I was able to visit a few hikes I did last summer during a different season.  We did visit a handful of new beautiful places!

Merrilee Dowrie –
Difficult to choose a favorite but we did discover a new place where fields of wildflowers were blooming in a nature reserve in the middle of town!   

Tell us about the top 3 moments of the Challenge that stick out for you (the good, the bad or the ugly!!).

Carley Dowd – My daughter is 9 months, she had her first trips to the playground, first time in the swings. We had one day where a friend of mine and I “got lost” in the woods and had a blast!

Jessica Miller –
Day 1, April Fool’s Day walking in the snow; a few weeks later walking in 81° heat and sun, and the last Monday walking in the pouring rain.

Kadie Rifredi –

1. Getting out even when i was feeling lazy (which happened a lot)
2. Getting out when the weather was not optimal
3. Enjoying our time together more intentionally as a family was the best part

Lori Post –

1. My kids really getting into seeing all there is to see in nature on our hikes from the spider webs and fossils to the lizards and tadpoles, they love seeking new things to see.
2. Watching my kids play in a tiny waterfall off of a small cliff. We have been in droughts previous years, so seeing their joy running through the water was priceless.
3. Honestly, having them take turns riding in the carrier on my back. Our babywearing days are just about over, but they both still know if they need to rest or cool down for a min they can snuggle up with us. I am treasuring these fleeting moments as they grow and continue to build confidence in their own footing.

Randi Thompson –
Being brave and getting out in my new city!! Meeting families I never would have met before! Exposing my daughter to the beautiful outdoors and improving my health and well being at the same time.

Thank you to our prize sponsors for the following HiB30 Challenge prizes for April!

(1) Avex Freestyle Kids Bottle
(1) Keekaroo Cafe Booster
(1) Klean Kanteen 27 oz bottle
(1) Leatherman Leap Kids MultiTool
(1) Life is Good Classic Chill Cap
(1) My Outdoor Alphabet Poster
(1) Okee Dokee Brothers Adventure Album (CD/DVD)
(1) Outdoor Tech Kodiak Mini 2600
(1) Hyland’s Prize Package
3 winners will receive a Simple Wishes Bra
(1) Sun Protection Zone hat
(1) Tulsi Organic India Original Tea
(1) prize from Green Toys
(1) Rumpl Blanket
(1) Zutano – $50 gift card
A prize from Ayoopa

These were not the only prizes won this Challenge. Be sure to see the Hike it Baby Blog for more inspirational and fun stories from our participants and the amazing prizes that they won!


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