You know you are a Hike it Baby parent when:

  • Your kidless friends think you are crazy because all your Facebook posts are about hiking mountains with babies.
  • Your in-laws worry about you getting the baby sick because they’re running around without a hat on. Always.
  • Your old boss remarks on how “active” your Facebook page looks and wonders if you “are ever going to work again?”
  • You have a never-ending stream of muddy, dirty kid pics on Instagram.
  • Your car smells a bit moldy from so many wet clothes in it.

Sound familiar? As we venture from fall into winter and the storms start hammering, I can’t help but think, “Will I be able to do it this year? Can I get out there with Mason this month? Next month? Next year?”

For the last two winters I hiked with Mason on my front and then back. Then he hit two.

As Hike it Baby grows up.. (1)


Two is an interesting age. Suddenly that little agreeable fella who was so easy to haul here, there and everywhere now has a personality. You say, “Hey, it’s time to go hiking.” He says, “No. Monkey.” That’s when the bribes start.

  • Me: “If we watch Monkey (Curious George) all the way to the hike, can we go hiking?”
  • Mason: “No, monkey.”
  • Me: Sigh. “How about if I give you a lollipop?”
  • Mason: Eyebrows up. Looks at me. “You, monkey.”

Two is a hard time for many parents. You lose the fast-paced hiking buddies whose children aren’t yet two. Your movement slows. Sometimes my little guy will ride in stroller, other times he’ll hop into the carrier, but sometimes it’s toddler-walk time. And it is in those moments that I have to remind myself that it really is about the journey, not the destination. For the next six months and maybe a year, the journey may be three block walks to the park and back.

What does this mean for Hike it Baby?

Nothing. I’m mostly reminding myself and others that we are an all-inclusive group. Look around and see if you can find others who are in the same stage as you. Partner up with them for support! Put your new friends in your “favorites” and reach out when you are feeling those ho-hum holiday blahs.

As we enter into this winter and the new year, take time to reflect on your child and how every step from infancy to now has taught you so much about yourself. Be grateful for the tiny baby stage and the toddler tantrum. It’s all part of the wonderful path you are on and there are 18 years to go.

Venturing along on this journey and your ongoing commitment to outside time month after month — 30 miles or 30 minutes a few times a week — is having an impact on your baby. But it will also have an impact on you.

Brave the rain, the cold, the shift from light-days to dark-days. Remember after fall and winter comes spring. Once spring hits, we will be treading light and fast once again.


As Hike it Baby grows up.. (1)

Hike it Baby hikes couldn’t exist without our amazing hike lead volunteers around the world! To show how much we appreciate you and the time and energy you give when you lead those hikes, we are giving away 13 prizes throughout the month of December.

  • You will be entered to win a prize every time you submit a hike to the website calendar for the month of December.
  • You are also being entered for any hikes led since last January!

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors the prizes are pretty spectacular.



Trying to figure out how to bundle your baby up? We’ve got you covered. Check out Shanti’s piece on Winter Baby Warmth where you can learn about some of her favorite finds for infants to toddlers. Then grab some awesome discount for our partners like, Together Gear and Stonz! These products are perfect for keeping your little ones dry as you head outdoors. Don’t let the weather deter you from joining #optoutside or #HikeItBaby30.

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Friday, November 27th, is almost here. Get ready to #optoutside and #turnblackfridaygreen by checking with your local branch calendar! Don’t forget to share the upcoming event with your family and friends.

As Hike it Baby grows up.. (4)As Hike it Baby grows up.. (3)


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