August kicked off with World Breastfeeding Week and ended with kids heading back to school. Wherever your child falls on this feeding to schooling spectrum, we’ve got you covered with some books!

Mr. Bear’s New Baby by Debi Gliori

Mr. and Mrs. Bear have a new baby! While everyone else in the forest is asleep, Mr. and Mrs. Bear are trying to calm the new baby. The new parents try to decide what the new baby needs, and Mr. Bear suggests some milk from her mommy. This can help lead in to a conversation with your children about how other animals also feed their babies. They may also have some other questions about breastfeeding too. As the night goes on, other forest animals help the new parents try and get baby bear to sleep. In the end, it is the advice of Small Bear that helps the family get some much-needed rest. If you have a new baby at home, your children may enjoy hearing what life is like from the animal perspective.

We Have A Baby by Cathryn Falwell

This simple text book will help young children understand everything to expect with a new baby in their home. Large images dominate the page, including an illustration of the mother breastfeeding the new baby. This book would be helpful to those children awaiting the arrival of a new baby so they can see what a new baby will need and talk with their parents about how they can help.

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn

If your child is a little nervous about starting school this year, this book may help to ease some anxieties. Mrs. Racoon helps ease the fears of Chester as school is starting in the forest. Mrs. Racoon shares a special tradition with Chester that will help him as he transitions from days at home with mom, toys, and books to starting the new school year. Meet some other forest animals along the way as Chester’s feelings change from anxious to excited.

Timothy Goes to School by Rosemary Wells

Timothy is about to start school! Join him and the other animals as they navigate their way around the start of the new year. When things don’t go the way Timothy expects, he’s ready to quit school. Discover the true meaning of friendship with Timothy and how to deal with tough situations at school.

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