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Born, raised, and rooted in the GREAT state of Michigan, I’ve grown up with a plethora of outdoor opportunities and it has been so amazing to share my love of the outdoors and nature with my 7 year old adventure partner, Neko. We cannot wait to have even more adventures with our newest addition, Levi!, born in October 2017! Neko and I founded Hike it Baby Ann Arbor in October, 2014, which has helped me deal with my social anxiety, as well as make friendships that I know I would have never made otherwise. With over 160 parks in the Ann Arbor city limits, the opportunity for outdoor fun is endless! When we aren’t on the trails, we enjoy traveling, camping, and kayaking with my husband, Mike. Our family goal is to visit at least one National Park every year. Being outdoors is where I feel the most at “home” and I love getting the opportunity to share it with others - especially children!

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