Hiking is just one of many things we do to be outside and commune with our natural world. Yes. I’m referring to Extreme Sports! But we’re a baby wearing family so you know we kicked it up a notch.

There is nothing you cannot do with a child on your back!

We’ve been avid extreme sport participants since before it was a “thing”. Sky Diving? Of course. Surfing the Eddies on the North Shore? Every time Eddie goes, we go.  Diamond Slopes? Our cozy winter get away.

So imagine my shock when I got pregnant and they said I had to stop. Well, I’ve never been one to be TOLD what to do. I’m my own person. I will decide what’s best for me.

So I kept going.

I surfed in the Eddies (and won, by the way) in 2010. I took that win and laughed in the faces of everyone who said I couldn’t do that pregnant. I laughed all the way to the slopes and took on my favorite diamond trail. Offering inspiration to woman everywhere I took that glowing baby belly, my custom made maternity snow suit and sized up boots to accommodate my swelling feet and killed that slope. Ladies. It’s all about having the right equipment and a No-Excuses, can-do attitude.

Now, I’m on my third baby (who is almost 3) and we have extreme sported our way through all three pregnancies and well into our baby wearing days.

We have found there is NO sport that isn’t conducive to baby wearing.

Be it in the air.


In the snow. 

On the board.

Every sport lends to baby-wearing, if only we dare to try.

Parents, don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life, even after you have kids. Especially if they’re telling you no.

“I’m thankful to those who said no to me. It is because of them I did it myself.” ~ Albert Einstein

All I’m saying, parents, is…

April Fools,

from the HiB team.

Ok friends, hopefully you read all the way through this post and have realized that it is meant to be an amusing, fictional tale in honor of April Fools Day. In no way do we suggest that anyone babywear while performing extreme sports. Follow those dreams within the guidelines of professional safety experts and trained medical providers. Hope this gave you chuckle!


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