Loading Baby on Back AloneOne of the things I have found that holds a lot of new mamas back from doing things like hiking on their own is how scary dealing with a carrier can be. I remember when Mason was little I was scared I would smother him in a carrier or do it incorrectly and hurt his hips or some part of his body. Then later as he grew, I was scared I would forget to buckle it and drop him! And then back-carrying…well, that was a whole new game with it’s own fears.

But I overcame. Now, my husband is in awe of how quickly I can whip Mason safely onto my back. I learned that it does take some flexibility, but it also takes lots of practice in a safe space. Yes, this is one of those Mama skills you pick up from experience. I definitely wasn’t born with this one. I had to learn it and with time I have gotten better and better at it.

So, here’s my basic 1-2-3 for getting Mason onto my back. Practice this method at home first and on a carpet or with a soft couch behind you so you can let baby down easily if needed. Then, take it out to the trails. Don’t expect this to come overnight. Practice, practice, practice. I promise that once you “get it” cruising around with baby on your own will be much easier.


Shanti Hodges is the founder of Hike it Baby. She has hiked a minimum of once a week for almost a year with her son Mason. When not hiking she spends far too much online nerding out. She is not afraid to admit she likes Facebook and is happy to answer any hiking with baby questions you want to send her way to shanti@hikeitbaby.com


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