Adrienne Brand would consider herself an upbeat person most of the time. But when she had her son, something shifted. She remembers feeling disconnected from him in the first few months of his life. She went to a new mama group to help get herself out of the house and it was there that someone told her about Hike it Baby.

Once she started hiking with the group she realized that what she had been feeling was postpartum depression and while it wasn’t the full on couldn’t get out of bed kind of depression, it was holding her back in forming a relationship with her child.

Adrienne’s struggle with postpartum depression is all too common. One in seven women experience it to varying degrees. For women of color the ratio is higher with one in four reporting feeling postpartum depression. By spending time in nature and with other parents, Adrienne was able to move beyond being a statistic and hike her way to a happier place. Learn about her story by watching the video.

Hike it Baby Stories is a new sponsored video series that we are launching this month to help share the stories of our community on trail. This month was brought to you with support from MyMayu footwear for littles who like muddy puddle stomping. If you have a story you think would fit well in this series, please email your story with a photo to


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