Bike trailers for kids are gaining in popularity for those who like to fit more into their daily routine. What we love about them is they allow you to go out with the kiddos for outdoor time while still allowing you to have room for light shopping on the way home. Many of them are also easily adaptable from a bike trailer to a stroller – and some of them come with additional hiking or cross country skiing attachments (bonus!). Whether it be a stroll to the park or pulling it behind a bike, a bike trailer is a versatile option for whatever outdoor adventure you have planned.

Wondering which bike trailer is best for your kids? Watch our reviews of three bike trailer options – the Allen Stroller Trailer, the Burley Honey Bee and the Thule Chariot Cross. Enjoy!

Bike Trailers for Kids

1. Allen Stroller Trailer ($350)

The Allen Stroller Trailer takes some muscle to put together the first time, but after that it provides ample storage and a smooth ride. Bottom line? It’s a nice price for a trailer with all the accessories.

2. Burley Encore ($479)

The Burley Encore handles well and provides a smooth ride. It’s easy to switch between bike trailer and stroller and as a bonus – Heidi shows us how to use the walking and hiking attachment!

3. Thule Chariot Cross ($899)

Thule has recently redone their Chariot line and the trailer is easy to use, compact and comfortable for little ones. The Thule Chariot Cross provides a smooth ride and easy turning – even for novice riders. Using the optional jogging kit, the Thule provided a smooth ride on trail – even over rocks and roots. It’s easy to switch back and forth and also has an optional cross country skiing kit – sweet!

“Our Chariot is my absolute favorite thing ever! It gives us the freedom to get outside in pretty much any condition because my son can be totally covered up and cozy, whether I am hiking, biking or jogging. This was the only way we were able to get outside safely and comfortably in snowy and cold weather while he was on oxygen 24/7.” -Lindsay Frost

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Do you have a favorite bike trailer/stroller combo? What questions do you have about these products? Leave a comment below and we’ll help answer them!


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