My family loves being outside as much as we can. We hike, we bike, we sleep under the stars – rain, sleet, snow or shine. With Mason we found the right clothes and jackets was great, but there was another piece of the equation that has helped us get out there: Finding the perfect blanket for what we were doing.

Blanket? What? I know that’s not what you expected me to say, however over the last 3 years we have been testing out all kinds of blankets and really this is part of the of what makes it easy for us to get out there so much and in all kinds of weather. Based on our  family testing these are some of the cover ups that keep us out playing longer, here’s what we suggest looking for:

Blanketed in the Outdoors (1)HIKING IN RAIN/WIND
– Keeping baby warm and covered up on a cold, rainy day is important if  you want a happy baby. For birth to 18 months we love the Poppiez Love blankets because it attaches on to any carrier strap with simple ribbons that snap around the strap. It’s water proof on one side and minky, a soft, warm fabric on the other side. The waterproof side isn’t thick and rubbery so you can really double this up and use it as a car blanket. Also great for laying down on the ground mid hike for diaper changes. The only downside to this great blanket is the fabric is more water resistant vs. full on water proof, so in a super long downpour it may not hold up as well as needed.

Another option we found and love for rainy, rainy, rainy days is Rain Baby Gear. The plus of this is it is actually plastic on one side so there’s no letting the water in. They are super durable and have awesome bright colors. The only minus is it isn’t as pliable as the Poppiez Love so harder to pack away. This one is less of an over carrier option and more stroller specific or good for pulling out of pack and laying down to sit in wet or snowy places.

Blanketed in the Outdoors (2)STROLLER/CAR – We are lucky in that Mason is a great stroller napper and while throwing any blanket on him in the stroller is fine, we found ourselves looking for something that had more of a sleeping bag feel, but was a blanket. I was pretty excited when I came across Rumpl blankets at the Outdoor Retailer trade show. This new company makes exactly that. The “Baby Blanket” is the perfect size for 6 months to 3-year-old kids for stroller or car seat cover up. They are soft and pliable, but also feel like it would take on a pretty stormy walk thanks to a nylon outer cover.

Blanketed in the Outdoors (1)CAMPING – One of the big challenges for us with camping was that we were always afraid of smothering Mason with our big blankets and now that he is older he’s always kicking them off. Enter the Milk and Honey Sleep sacks. I only wish we had discovered these sooner because my camping blanket for Mason has always been to put him in like 3 layers of clothes and not worry about blankets. Made by The Milk & Honey Co. based in the mountains of North Carolina, these have a bit of a price tag on them ($165), but they are incredibly comfortable and one size can fit a few years. This can work two-f0ld as a home option and for camping. The blanket snaps on and zips up and baby is fully enclosed in a little sack. Open it up and you have a nice soft down blanket to put over a toddler. If you are camping you can put an extra layer on their chest or a little fleece jacket and baby/toddler will stay enclosed in blankets all night. No way to kick this one off. The sleepsack is currently available in a cotton version, which was primarily designed for everyday use at home, but can also be used for camping. They also have a nylon version specific for the outdoors in the works, which they plan to roll out this summer. One of their nylon prototypes is beautifully photographed in this article from while out riding. We’re excited to receive ours! We can’t wait for this. CHECK OUT THESE SLEEPSACK PHOTOS AND ARTICLE FROM : WHILE OUT RIDING. Awesome blog to follow about an adventure family.

How do you keep your little one covered up when heading out into the big world? Any blankets or covers you like? Tell us by emailing

Shanti Hodges is the founder of Hike it Baby. She and her hubby, Mark, are on one big adventure raising a little boy named Mason River to love and appreciate the outdoors. Shanti hopes her son will continue on the path of knowing the names of more animals and trees, than cartoon characters. In the month of April you can follow her on tour here as she and Mason drive around the US and hike 30 hikes in 30 days. 

Some of the brands listed in this piece are sponsors of Hike it Baby. We may have received financial compensation and/or product from the company but did not ask for this for inclusion in this blog. We are writing this blog based on personal experience. We do not review products we have not personally used. We stand behind all of the products we share with you because we think they will make your life on trail a little bit easier. We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


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