Book Review: Adventure Day with Dineo Dowd with Hike it BabyRecreating memories from the trail

Have you ever taken a hike that changed your thinking, your attitude or perhaps even changed your life? Have you wished you could bottle those memories and feelings and relive them day after day? That’s what Hike it Baby Madison Branch Ambassador Dineo Dowd did with her new book, Adventure Day.

Adventure Day takes the reader on a journey to recreate a hike Dineo and her daughter, Armani, took with Hike it Baby. What starts out as an ordinary hike ends at a beautiful waterfall with new friends.

The reader joins Dineo and Armani as they prepare for their hike and travel to meet new friends. Their story is told through bold, colorful illustrations.

“She [Armani] also picked colors on the illustrations to be used,” Dineo said.

Sharing adventures with readers of all ages

Adventure Day will have a familiar feel to readers who frequently hike with young children. From the excited child, to getting everyone in carriers and on trail, readers will feel comforted as they imagine taking their own children on trail. And young hikers will connect with Armani and the other kids on the hike as they read.

Dineo, who had just moved from Utah, was inspired to write her book based on her experience on this hike.

“This trail seriously changed our minds about this new state we just recently moved to from Utah. We fell in love and this trail was a hidden gem, so we wanted to get this in a book and share our adventure day,” Dineo explained.

“We read a lot of books every day, but we couldn’t find any outdoor children’s books that were related to our lifestyle,” Dineo said. “I knew it right there that we should get a picture book done and tell our story from our adventure day in a new city with new friends we met through Hike it Baby.”

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