Getting your kids outdoors isn’t as simple as it should be.

There’s the gear, the nap time schedules, the complaining, and the stress of just getting out the door.

As an adult, you love hiking your favorite trails, camping at your favorite scenic spot, or just getting outside for some fresh air. It’s probably a bit of a stress reliever for you.

Build Excitement About the Outdoors with These Simple TipsThough your kids may be not as eager to enjoy some time away from Daniel Tiger or a pantry full of delicious snacks. Getting them ready and out the door isn’t just a project it’s a test of endurance.

Even though winter is upon us, talking and planning with your kids about upcoming trips can be a great way to get them excited and more importantly – involved with the process. Giving them a a voice in how you share the experience outdoors can help boost their excitement level and lower your stress level.

The dads at Dads Who Diaper, talked with an expert at everyone’s favorite outdoor store, Cabela’s, about how to get your kids eager to take on a camping day or weekend.

 Some of the highlights:

”Let them know that you’re going on an adventure and to some extent, they’ll be calling the shots. If your children are older, the actual activity begins to have more importance. The general excitement around your annual hunt camp or fishing trip starts to be the center of focus.”

 ”I would suggest (if they’re old enough) having them help pack and/or pick out some of the equipment that you will be taking. I always get all my gear out and set up a mini camp and my tent in the yard. This allows them to get a glimpse of what you will doing and really builds some excitement.”

 ”Kids are likely to fall and scrape a knee or an elbow, or get a splinter or a bug bite on one of your nature walks. But being prepared to clean an abrasion and cover it with a clean bandage makes them feel better that you can take care of them and they will easily forget anything ever happened. So I would recommend purchasing any standard first aid kit that will take care of the basic needs.”

 ”Depending on where you take them I would keep it to one to two nights. This is enough to get out and sleep in a tent for a couple of nights and gives them a good feel of the experience and keeps them wanting more.”

Be sure to read more about how to build the excitement with your kids, when to let them tackle certain parts of the trip, and how to make sure everyone stays safe along the way over at Dads Who Diaper!

Chad Carter is the co-founder of Dads Who Diaper, a website dedicated to dads and sharing the honest stories of fatherhood.


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