If you’re heading to a campground or a national park this summer, or even taking a hike or setting up a tent in your backyard, check out these Active Words Unite books to engage your children in the outdoors. With a mission that aims to inspire children to seek, explore and discover the world, Active Words Unite also pledges 5% of all profits to charity. Purchasers of books can select one of the five available charities to receive their portion of the profits.

The Adventure Babies series includes many books on outdoor topics. Recommended for ages 0-3, these 18-page board books can help you plan your next adventure!

First Hiking Words

This book book is perfect for young hikers. Featuring nine common hiking words, each word is accompanied by a colorful illustration, a full-page black-and-white photograph, and either a question or a direction to follow that goes along with each word.  The photographs feature a diverse group of hikers, and the bright illustrations will keep young readers engaged.


First Camping Words

Get your little camper ready for a summer camping trip with First Camping Words! Using the same format as the other Adventure Babies books, readers will learn nine camping words, each featuring a colorful illustration and a black-and-white photograph. Young readers will be prepared for what a camping trip is like after reading this book.

In addition to the Adventure Babies series, Active Words Unite also publishes a junior field guide. This series, recommended for ages 4-6 will introduce young explorers to animals, plants, and landmarks of national parks.  Each guide begins with a letter to parents about keeping safe, having fun, and preserving the beauty of the national parks.

Junior Field Guides: Great Smoky Mountains

Planning a camping trip near the Great Smoky Mountains? Find out what to expect with this 80+ page book! Learn about animals, plants, and landmarks through colorful illustrations, beautiful photographs, rhymes, maps, and diagrams.  From the Northern Green Frog to the American Black Bear, there’s lots to learn to about animals. Orange Jewelweed and Sugar Maple are some of the plants and trees you’ll read about.


Junior Field Guides: Acadia National Park

If your travel plans are taking your to Acadia National Park, make sure to check out this book! Following the same format as above, readers will learn about animals, plants, and landmarks. Rhymes again accompany brightly illustrated images and close-up photos. Learn about the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish, Spotted Salamander, the Striped Maple, and more!

Junior Field Guides for Grand Canyon National Park and Rocky Mountain National Park will be available in December 2019.

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