I was watching wild, and not the movie starring Reese Witherspoon, when I realized that I needed a break. My child was being particularly feral that day, and I just wanted some peace, quiet, tranquility and time away. I quickly set up a group message with a few mom friends to see who would be available for a quick overnight camping trip. I figured if I needed a getaway, they probably did too. Let’s face it, ladies, with everything we do from work to raising tiny humans, our wellness and mental health gets pushed to the back burner constantly. One way I like to renew my soul and spirit is to head into the wilderness (or semi-wilderness) of a state park campground.

Thinking the same thing but need some help getting it organized? Here are some tips for camping with a group.

Camping with a group - planning tips

Photo: Jessica Human

Planning the Group Camping Trip

So your squad is in. What happens next?

1. Include the team in planning.

Get your friends involved in the planning and pump up the excitement. Facebook makes it easy to plan events. You can create a Facebook group or private event to conveniently make arrangements with your friends. Create different posts about the different elements you need to plan. The best part is that groups are searchable, so if you can’t remember exactly what you said you are bringing for dinner, you can do a quick search.

2. Choose a place.

Many campsites are available via Reserve America or Hipcamp.

  • How secluded do you want to be?
  • Are you hiking a bit in or just driving straight up to the camp?
  • What amenities are important to you? Do you want to be near a bathroom or want electricity at your site?

3. Pick a date.

Sometimes this is easy as everyone knows what weekend they can go. If there are a lot of different options, it might be easier to use something like Doodle Poll or the poll option in your Facebook group to narrow down the date.

4. Divvy up the responsibilities and supplies.

Not everyone needs to bring the same supplies. You might not need three camp stoves for four people. Start a Google doc or hop on Facebook to discuss:

  • Who’s making meals? Is everyone fending for themselves or does someone love making breakfast?
  • Meal planning is a great way to figure out who’s in charge of which meal. One meal idea is to do foil packets over a campfire.
  • Take refrigeration into consideration. Do you need to buy ice before you leave or can you buy at the campground?
  • Drinks! Don’t forget to bring the coffee, tea, juices, wines, beers and whatever brings you joy.

5. Plan activities.

Consider what outdoor activities you want to do on your camping trip, such as hiking, swimming, sightseeing. If you’re headed to a new area, going on more intense hikes than you are used to, or trying out some new adventure activities, have someone do some research ahead of time so you don’t have to waste time during the trip.

6. Carpool!

It’s eco-conscious, extra time with your gal pals, and a great way to start the trip. Make sure all your gear fits and that everyone has enough room to sit. Nothing’s worse than a two-hour drive with a cooler on your lap.

How to Organize a Fun Ladies' Camping Trip by Jessica Featherstone for Hike it Baby

During the camping trip

If you’re hiking or sightseeing, remember to leave time for just relaxing by the campfire or in the hammock. It’s important to not over plan your time and just relax. Don’t forget to also bring a book you’ve been wanting to read or take a much-needed nap after all your excursions.

If you’ve never built a campfire or need a refresher, check out these tips on prep, starting, maintaining and extinguishing so you can be prepared before your trip.

Don’t forget to bring along a camera and take pictures galore so that you can look back on your camping trip. Make a few memories whether it’s on the trail or just hanging out at the campfire.

So start a group text, decide on a weekend and get out with your gal pals. Don’t forget to tag those memories on Instagram with #hikeitbaby and #10kwomentrailproject. We can’t wait to see them!

How to organize a fun ladies camping trip by Jessica Featherstone for Hike it Baby

More resources

There are tons of great camping articles on the Hike it Baby blog – everything from campfire meals to camping with an infant – check it out here.

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Have you been on a camping trip with your lady pals? Share your tips with us in the comments below.

This piece was written with guidance from Natalie Kendrach. Thanks for all your help, photos and general awesomeness.

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