Swinging into summer: 7 tips for having a positive impact on nature

The days are long, the nights move along quickly, and so many trails are open and passable. Hooray for summer. […]

Get ready to get your hike on for National Trails Day

It’s the last week of the HiB 30 Challenge and we want to thank every family who has participated this […]

Hike it Baby is taking the April 30 Challenge on the road

Are you taking the April challenge? Join us! Register this week to be ready to start hiking April 1. Haven’t done […]

Share the Hike it Baby love

Hike it Baby is very excited to announce we incorporated as an Oregon non-profit organization in January 2016! Our fiscal […]

Share the love. Show the love.

Congratulations! We did it. YOU did it. Despite the cold and dreary days, over 700 families participated in our January […]

I see summer!

I know summer is still far away but I am getting excited. It’s coming, right? The other day on our […]

Find your trail, set your goal

The month before Mason was born I “grounded” my husband. I’ll admit it, I was completely freaked out and convinced […]

As Hike it Baby grows up…

You know you are a Hike it Baby parent when: Your kidless friends think you are crazy because all your […]

Get Hiking this Month with HIB30!

Need a boost to get outside with your little ones? Are you already a hiking-regular but need some extra motivation […]

Hashtag fun for November!

This month REI made a bold move by announcing that they are closing on Black Friday and giving their 12,000 […]

Prep for HiB30!

Can you believe it’s almost November? We’re hiking right out of fall and into winter! A year ago we were […]

What is Toddler Led?

When Hike it Baby started it was all about babies. We were a small group of mom’s who headed out […]

Hike it Baby in the News

It was a big day for Hike it Baby. We are excited to announce that we are rolling out in […]

Winner Profile- Heidi Anhalt

Meet Heidi and her daughter Audrey. They were challengers during HIB30 and will be seen on the trails in Austin […]

Hello New Calendar Tool

Change and growth is good and we have only just begun to evolve into the amazing community we plan to […]

Love Your Wild Spaces

On October 8 it was announced that Obama declared the San Gabriel Mountains in LA a national monument. While this […]

The Giving Tree

Remember that book you used to love when you were a kid called the Giving Tree? That was one of […]

Autumn Goes Backpacking: The Final Summer Adventure!

Whew! It’s been quite the summer of adventures with our baby! From car camping to beaches to cabins to festivals, […]

Autumn Goes to Clear Lake!

Labor Day is my favorite long weekend of the year. For me, it represents the gateway from summer to my […]

Looking for Discounts on Gear?

We are starting to team up with different companies and get discounts on gear. This month the following deals are […]

Taking Baby Abroad

I’m one of those people that just loves traveling. I’ve traveled to different countries including Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Romania, […]

Autumn’s Magical Musical Weekend

This is the 4th piece in a series from Aron Goffin about her adventures with Autumn and her hubby this […]

Inspirational Hikes

I have an almost five-year-old son and an infant daughter. If I want to go anywhere, I find it helpful […]

Autumn Stays at Gold Butte Fire Lookout

We had our 4th of July weekend booked for a long time. In fact, just a few days before Autumn […]

Hike it Baby Camp Out Silver Falls

We just had our first Hike it Baby camp trip and it was an awesome success. Nine families and a […]

Big Latch On

We’ve been popping up and popping out literally everywhere this last week. An 8-month-pregnant Valerie Hurst from KATU news covered […]

Adidas Hook Up

Adidas has been kind enough to hook us up with an invite into their employee store. This applies to all […]

Trail Dangers Are Real

Hikers Be Aware! There are creepy crawlies and weather that can ruin a good hike, but don’t let that spoil the […]

Autumn Goes to the Beach

  As new parents, Josh and I have been longing for a tropical beach getaway for the nine months Autumn […]

Autumn Goes Car Camping!

Like most new parents, my life and that of my husband’s, were forever changed last Fall with the arrival of […]

4 Quick City Trails

One of my favorite activities is hiking. I love exploring trails around Portland, getting out to the Gorge, and if […]

the Big Latch On – On Trail

  We are gearing up for The Big Latch On – On trail August 1, and hope you will join […]

My Current Five Favorite Hikes

1. Dog Mountain. Hard. Steep. Beautiful. Work up to this one. The wildflowers are amazing. Don’t bring a dog! Poison […]

To Camp or Not to Camp

I’ll admit it, there are moments when heading out for a camping trip with Mason feels like a major undertaking with […]

Hike it Baby on KATU News

Six mamas and a grandma made it to Mt. Tabor this morning for a special KATU NEWS live toss to Valerie […]

Family Vacations That Matter

It’s midday and I am sitting in Yosemite in the campground while Mason naps in the trailer peacefully. A warm […]

Bag Up Your Stuff

Do you ever feel like you are mired down in stuff? I do. This week we have been delving into […]

5 Tips for Hiking With Baby

Hiking with the baby can be challenging, especially in the beginning. It’s hard enough carrying a baby, but add in […]

Happy New Year…Now Let’s Save the World

Yes, it has been a quiet couple of months on the blog. But Hike it Baby has not been quiet. […]


  What an amazing November it has been. Hike it Baby has grown from 6 of us on the first […]

Post Lags!

Sorry for the lack of posts Mamas. I have been quite busy and so it’s been hard to sit down […]

Tryon Creek Again!

  This last week I didn’t write an update. Sorry. We had an amazing week and I should have been […]

Audubon Society Walk in the Trees

Eleven amazing mamas, two sisters and a sister-in-law and one daddy showed up with 11 cute little babies this morning […]

Council Crest on a Beautiful Fall Day!

Another amazing fall Portland hike on the books! 12 gorgeous and athletic mamas and babies stormed this trail, blazing the […]

Council Crest Trail

Hello Mamas. This hike is a carrier only. Too steep! Here’s a run down from Portland Field Hikers Guide. This […]

Audubon Society Trail

We are changing up our schedule this week and hiking the Audubon Society Trail.

Oaksbottom Refuge

We just did an awesome hike at Oaks Bottom Refuge Tuesday. In spite of a little confusion on parking (we […]

Family Hike Forest Park

  First family hike was a hit. We had 24 people total with more Dad’s than moms! We started at […]

Kennedy School Pool

  Tuesday was another rainy day, but not as bad as last week when we were in Tryon Creek. Unfortunately […]

Mississippi to Overlook

On November 9 we will be hitting the Mississippi neighborhood. Here’s the proposed walk. This one is stroller friendly and […]

Tryon Creek Hike in the Rainiest Week of the Year!

WOW! Amazingly beautiful and fun hike today in Tryon Creek! I can’t believe how many of you ladies braved the […]

Mt. Tabor Again

  Leader: Jodie Lundin Distance: 2.78 mi Duration: 1:14:55 To view ‘Hiked 2.78 mi on 2.78mi hike on 9/17/13’, follow […]

Lief Erickson Drive

This Tuesday we walked the Lief Erickson Drive, starting at the end of NW Thurman St. We were ten mamas, […]

Alaska Adventures with Mason

I love being a new mama. I am surprised I like it as much as I do. It’s not easy […]

Marine Drive, Sun and Seafood

Jodie coordinated today’s walk. It was a beautiful, humid morning with smoldering clouds that broke into hot sun a little […]