Winner Profile – Janet Vaudt

Meet Janet Vaudt from Hike it Baby Golden! She entered her son, Sam,  in the HiB30 March Challenge and won […]

Hike it Baby and TwinGo Hit the Trails for HIB30 Challenges

Hike it Baby was so lucky to partner in our last HiB30 Challenge in March with Krystal Workman from TwinGo. […]

Winner Profile – Emma Loftus

Meet Emma! She joined the HiB30 Challenge in March and her daughter, Olivia, accomplished 10.63 miles and 372 minutes logged […]

On the Trail with Onya Baby!

Onya Baby is one of our Hike it Baby 30 partners who has sponsored our Challenges all year! You could […]

Winner Profile – Kristen Streety

Congratulations to Kristen and Sophia of Hike it Baby Paris!  They competed in the HIB30 March Challenge and won Tifosi Scout kid sunglasses! […]

Winner Profile – Abbie Phillip

Meet Abbie Phillip and Joe from Hike it Baby Anaconda. They participated in the HIB30 March Challenge and won a Black Diamond […]

Winner Profile – Marielle Ambroch

Meet Marielle Ambroch from Hike it Baby Golden. She entered her baby Malo in the March HIB30 Challenge, logged 53.79 miles […]

Winner Profile – Natalie Brucken

Congratulations to Natalie and Avellina from Hike it Baby Portland!  They crushed the HiB30 March Challenge by hiking 55.3 miles and […]

Winner Profile – Tamara Geary

Meet Tamara Geary from Hike it Baby Sacramento. Her daughter Autumn logged a total of 33 Miles and 1085 Minutes […]

Celebrate National Trails Day with Hike it Baby, Win Superfeet!

  June 6th marks the American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day—the country’s largest celebration of trails. National Trails Day events […]

Winner Profile – Selina Scott

Meet Selina Scott from Hike it Baby Portland. She entered her daughter, Renee in the March HIB30 Challenge by logging […]

Winner Profile – Phaedra Connell

Meet Phaedra from Hike it Baby Anchorage.  She entered Kinley in the March HIB30 Challenge and won a Klean Kanteen […]

Winner Profile – Angee Ervin

Meet Angee Ervin from Hike it Baby Anchorage. She entered Ayden into the March HIB30 Challenge and won some gear […]

Winner Profile – Sarah Sindell

Congratulations to Sarah and Miles from Hike it Baby Anchorage!  They participated in the HiB30 March Challenge and won a Banger […]

Winner Profile – Bethany Steiner

Congratulations to Bethany and Cameron from Hike it Baby Golden. They participated in the HiB30 March Challenge and won a Nordic Headband […]

Winner Profile – Katie-Laine Thornton

Congratulations to Katie-Laine and Rutledge of Hike it Baby Nashville!  They competed in the HIB30 March Challenge and won Tifosi […]

Winner Profile – Jen Hanold

Meet Jen and Myles, members of Hike it Baby Ann Arbor!  They competed in the HIB30 March Challenge and won […]

HIB 30 Profile – Gabrielle Epstein

This last month she made some big steps though after seeing other mamas on trail in the Hike it Baby […]

Winner Profile – Kristi Klenk

Congratulations to Kristi from Hike it Baby, Portland! She won a jacket extender cover-up donated by our own Jeri Collins […]

Winner Profile – Sabrina Skibba

Meet Sabrina from Hike it Baby Portland! She entered Mason and Brooklynn into the March HIB30 Challenge and logged 53.94 […]

Hike it Baby 30 March Winner – Emily Kowtol

Meet Emily and Eliot from Hike it Baby Boston!  They participated in the HiB30 March Challenge and won Tifosi Wisp sunglasses! […]

Winner Profile – Kristen Belknap

Meet Kristen! She is a member of Hike it Baby Anchorage and her son Everett  competed in the HIB30 Challenge […]

Hike it Baby 30 Profile – Cierra Maloney

Our Hike it Baby 30 winners were announced this week! Here’s our first profile. Cierra is from Hike it Baby […]

March Hike it Baby 30 Done!

We have just completed our March Hike it Baby 30 and we racked up a whopping 8420 miles and were […]

Winner Profile- Megan Caldwell

Next up for our Hike it Baby 30 January winners is Megan Caldwell from the Portland branch! Megan has two […]

Winner Profile- Jennifer Hanold

  Jennifer and her son Myles are members of our branch in Ann Arbor Michigan! As all of you know […]

Winner Profile- Jeri Collins

Jeri is a very outdoorsy mom from our Hike it Baby branch in Anchorage Alaska. Not only did she complete […]

How the Hike it Baby 30 Came About

Last fall Beth Silva headed out for a Hike it Baby Portland hike but enroute she checked Facebook and the […]

Spotlight – Anka Trifan

One of the coolest things about Hike it Baby is the community it creates.  The families it brings together come […]

Winner Profile- Carolyn Pierce

Carolyn and her family are members of the Portland, Oregon branch! January in Portland is wet, very wet! That didn’t […]

Hike it Baby 30 January Winners!

The January Hike it Baby 30 Challenge is DONE and the prize winners are being announced right here today! The […]

Winner Profile-Debbie Williams

Next up in our serious about the Hike it Baby 30 November winners is Debbie Williams. Debbie and her daughter […]

Winner Profile-Katie Gertz

Hiking on to meet the next #HIB30 Winner! Katie Gertz and her son Dylan hike with our Portland Branch! Portland […]

Winner Profile-Nicole Hammond

Another Hike it Baby 30 winner! Isn’t it amazing how many sponsors we had and how many winners we have […]

Winner Profile-Eugenie Chappo

Eugenie and her son Crosby are members of our Hike it Baby branch in Austin! They competed in the Hike […]

Winner Profile- Tanya John

Lets get to know our next Hike it Baby 30 November challenge winners! Tanya and her daughter Evelyn are members […]

Winner Profile-Sarah Box

Sarah and Manning far surpassed their goal of 30 miles in 30 days during Novembers HIB 30. The challenge motivated […]

Winner Profile – Rose McLaughlin

Next up in our series of Hike it Baby 30 Winners is Rose and Agatha! She never let the winter […]

Winner Profile-Kestrel Brogan

Next up in our Hike it Baby 30 winners profiles;  Meet Kestrel and her son Bard. They can now be […]

Hike it Baby 30 registration opens August 25!

Ready to get your hike or walk on in January? After all of that eating, partying, playing with friends and […]

Winner Profile – Erica Grey

  We were so excited to see that Erica won the Garmin GPS because she’s an avid hiker and in […]

Winner Profile-Carolyn James

Did you know when you lead hikes you get entered to win prizes!? Carolyn and her daughter Liliana lead weekly […]

Winner Profile-Alissa Pruit

[two_third][/two_third]We had so many great sponsors during out Hike it Baby 30 challenge, and in turn lots of winners! We […]

Winner Profile – Idryo Family

Did you know Hike it Baby is not just for moms!? We have a lot of Dad’s hiking amongst us […]

Winner Profile-Andrea Gardner

Let’s keep the ball rolling on getting to know our Hike it Baby 30 Challenge winners. Next up is Andrea […]

Winner Profile-Annie Fortunato

We thought it would be fun to profile some of our lucky winners we have had around the country in […]

Hike it Baby Profile: Megan Lucas

We thought it would be fun for the month of December to profile different Hike it Baby 30 Challengers from […]

And the Winners are…

One month of hiking with over 300 families and almost 10,000 miles covered. What a fun adventure we all had. […]

Lead a Hike, Win a Prize!

We all love Hike it Baby because it gets us out into nature with our babies and lets us make […]