Winner Profile – Emma Loftus

Meet Emma! She joined the HiB30 Challenge in March and her daughter, Olivia, accomplished 10.63 miles and 372 minutes logged […]

On the Trail with Onya Baby!

Onya Baby is one of our Hike it Baby 30 partners who has sponsored our Challenges all year! You could […]

Winner Profile – Kristen Streety

Congratulations to Kristen and Sophia of Hike it Baby Paris!  They competed in the HIB30 March Challenge and won Tifosi Scout kid sunglasses! […]

Winner Profile – Abbie Phillip

Meet Abbie Phillip and Joe from Hike it Baby Anaconda. They participated in the HIB30 March Challenge and won a Black Diamond […]

Winner Profile – Marielle Ambroch

Meet Marielle Ambroch from Hike it Baby Golden. She entered her baby Malo in the March HIB30 Challenge, logged 53.79 miles […]

Winner Profile – Natalie Brucken

Congratulations to Natalie and Avellina from Hike it Baby Portland!  They crushed the HiB30 March Challenge by hiking 55.3 miles and […]

Winner Profile – Tamara Geary

Meet Tamara Geary from Hike it Baby Sacramento. Her daughter Autumn logged a total of 33 Miles and 1085 Minutes […]

Celebrate National Trails Day with Hike it Baby, Win Superfeet!

  June 6th marks the American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day—the country’s largest celebration of trails. National Trails Day events […]

Winner Profile – Selina Scott

Meet Selina Scott from Hike it Baby Portland. She entered her daughter, Renee in the March HIB30 Challenge by logging […]

Winner Profile – Phaedra Connell

Meet Phaedra from Hike it Baby Anchorage.  She entered Kinley in the March HIB30 Challenge and won a Klean Kanteen […]

Winner Profile – Angee Ervin

Meet Angee Ervin from Hike it Baby Anchorage. She entered Ayden into the March HIB30 Challenge and won some gear […]

Winner Profile – Sarah Sindell

Congratulations to Sarah and Miles from Hike it Baby Anchorage!  They participated in the HiB30 March Challenge and won a Banger […]

Winner Profile – Bethany Steiner

Congratulations to Bethany and Cameron from Hike it Baby Golden. They participated in the HiB30 March Challenge and won a Nordic Headband […]

Winner Profile – Katie-Laine Thornton

Congratulations to Katie-Laine and Rutledge of Hike it Baby Nashville!  They competed in the HIB30 March Challenge and won Tifosi […]

Winner Profile – Jen Hanold

Meet Jen and Myles, members of Hike it Baby Ann Arbor!  They competed in the HIB30 March Challenge and won […]

HIB 30 Profile – Gabrielle Epstein

This last month she made some big steps though after seeing other mamas on trail in the Hike it Baby […]

Winner Profile – Kristi Klenk

Congratulations to Kristi from Hike it Baby, Portland! She won a jacket extender cover-up donated by our own Jeri Collins […]

Winner Profile – Sabrina Skibba

Meet Sabrina from Hike it Baby Portland! She entered Mason and Brooklynn into the March HIB30 Challenge and logged 53.94 […]

Hike it Baby 30 March Winner – Emily Kowtol

Meet Emily and Eliot from Hike it Baby Boston!  They participated in the HiB30 March Challenge and won Tifosi Wisp sunglasses! […]

Winner Profile – Kristen Belknap

Meet Kristen! She is a member of Hike it Baby Anchorage and her son Everett  competed in the HIB30 Challenge […]

Hike it Baby 30 Profile – Cierra Maloney

Our Hike it Baby 30 winners were announced this week! Here’s our first profile. Cierra is from Hike it Baby […]

March Hike it Baby 30 Done!

We have just completed our March Hike it Baby 30 and we racked up a whopping 8420 miles and were […]

Winner Profile- Megan Caldwell

Next up for our Hike it Baby 30 January winners is Megan Caldwell from the Portland branch! Megan has two […]

Winner Profile- Jennifer Hanold

  Jennifer and her son Myles are members of our branch in Ann Arbor Michigan! As all of you know […]

Winner Profile- Jeri Collins

Jeri is a very outdoorsy mom from our Hike it Baby branch in Anchorage Alaska. Not only did she complete […]

How the Hike it Baby 30 Came About

Last fall Beth Silva headed out for a Hike it Baby Portland hike but enroute she checked Facebook and the […]

Spotlight – Anka Trifan

One of the coolest things about Hike it Baby is the community it creates.  The families it brings together come […]

Winner Profile- Carolyn Pierce

Carolyn and her family are members of the Portland, Oregon branch! January in Portland is wet, very wet! That didn’t […]

Hike it Baby 30 January Winners!

The January Hike it Baby 30 Challenge is DONE and the prize winners are being announced right here today! The […]

Winner Profile-Debbie Williams

Next up in our serious about the Hike it Baby 30 November winners is Debbie Williams. Debbie and her daughter […]

Winner Profile-Katie Gertz

Hiking on to meet the next #HIB30 Winner! Katie Gertz and her son Dylan hike with our Portland Branch! Portland […]

Winner Profile-Nicole Hammond

Another Hike it Baby 30 winner! Isn’t it amazing how many sponsors we had and how many winners we have […]

Winner Profile-Eugenie Chappo

Eugenie and her son Crosby are members of our Hike it Baby branch in Austin! They competed in the Hike […]

Winner Profile- Tanya John

Lets get to know our next Hike it Baby 30 November challenge winners! Tanya and her daughter Evelyn are members […]

Winner Profile-Sarah Box

Sarah and Manning far surpassed their goal of 30 miles in 30 days during Novembers HIB 30. The challenge motivated […]

Winner Profile – Rose McLaughlin

Next up in our series of Hike it Baby 30 Winners is Rose and Agatha! She never let the winter […]

Winner Profile-Kestrel Brogan

Next up in our Hike it Baby 30 winners profiles;  Meet Kestrel and her son Bard. They can now be […]

Hike it Baby 30 registration opens August 25!

Ready to get your hike or walk on in January? After all of that eating, partying, playing with friends and […]

Winner Profile – Erica Grey

  We were so excited to see that Erica won the Garmin GPS because she’s an avid hiker and in […]

Winner Profile-Carolyn James

Did you know when you lead hikes you get entered to win prizes!? Carolyn and her daughter Liliana lead weekly […]

Winner Profile-Alissa Pruit

[two_third][/two_third]We had so many great sponsors during out Hike it Baby 30 challenge, and in turn lots of winners! We […]

Winner Profile – Idryo Family

Did you know Hike it Baby is not just for moms!? We have a lot of Dad’s hiking amongst us […]

Winner Profile-Andrea Gardner

Let’s keep the ball rolling on getting to know our Hike it Baby 30 Challenge winners. Next up is Andrea […]

Winner Profile-Annie Fortunato

We thought it would be fun to profile some of our lucky winners we have had around the country in […]

Hike it Baby Profile: Megan Lucas

We thought it would be fun for the month of December to profile different Hike it Baby 30 Challengers from […]

And the Winners are…

One month of hiking with over 300 families and almost 10,000 miles covered. What a fun adventure we all had. […]

Lead a Hike, Win a Prize!

We all love Hike it Baby because it gets us out into nature with our babies and lets us make […]