How to go Beyond Recreational Biking as a Family

CREATED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH OUR FRIENDS AT    As parents, many of us remember the wind in our faces and […]

Recreational Family Biking 

CREATED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH OUR FRIENDS AT     As parents, many of us remember the wind in our faces and […]

Beginning Your Family Biking Journey

CREATED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH OUR FRIENDS AT    As parents, many of us remember the wind in our faces and […]

6 Easy Ways to Enjoy a Rainy Day Outdoors with Kids

Created in partnership with our friends at    Spring is here! For most of us, that means blossoming flowers, warmer […]

5 Gear Essentials for Hiking in the Rain with Kids

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Preparing for Family Camping Trips

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The Benefits of Merino Wool

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Layering for Babywearing in the Winter

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How to Dress Baby for Cold-Weather Camping

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Guide to Choosing the Right Boots for Your Family

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Layering Basics to Keep the Kids Cozy This Winter

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Hike it Baby’s Holiday Gift Guide 2020

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Top 7 Features to Consider When Choosing Winter Boots for Kids

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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020

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8 Wonderful Reasons To Wear Your Wellies all Year

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020

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Great Companies Giving Back: Lifestraw and the Give Back Program

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Tips for Staying Properly Hydrated on the Hiking Trail

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Why And When Your Kid Will Benefit From a Lightweight Hiking Shoe

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How Hike it Baby Families Use Water Filters to Access Clean Water Every day, Everywhere

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Great Companies Giving Back: Turtle Fur and #ProjectWarmth

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How to Comfortably Fit a Hard Frame Child Carrier for You and Your Baby

Frame Carrier Advantages One of the greatest advantages of a kid’s hard frame carrier is your ability to carry more […]

How to Use Layers to Keep Your Kids Warm and Happy in All Temperatures

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How to Adjust a Child Carrier for all Body Types

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How to Choose a Winter Boot for Your Little Explorer

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Introducing the Merrell Little Kid’s Bare StepsⓇ Hut Moc in Exclusive Hike it Baby Design

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The Best Sun Hats for Kids and Babies

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Deuter launches first women’s fit hiking kid carrier

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Shoes for all Your Outdoor Summer Adventures

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6 Outdoor essentials every guy needs in his hiking pack

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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019

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How to Pack for a Hiking Vacation

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Fitness Trackers: Finding the right one for you

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How to keep your family warm on trail in winter

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Family

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How to find the right fit with a frame carrier

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Love the Layer You’re in: Cold Weather Camping

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How to save money on outdoor gear

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Choosing the right shoes for your beginner walker

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How to enhance your lifestyle and well-being with electric bikes

This summer, due to various circumstances, we decided to become a one-car family, temporarily, from early summer until fall. We […]

How hats help keep families safe outside

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5 Hiking essentials that are worth your money

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Types of Water Treatment for Hiking and Backpacking

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Backpacking with the Family: Four-Man Tent Review

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Balance Bikes vs. Training Wheels

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Sleep Soundly – Review of Kids Sleeping Bags

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Gourmet on the Go – Trail Meals for Families

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2018 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Outdoor Family Gear: New Brands Roundup

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Down for Adventure – Comparison of 7 Lightweight Jackets

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Caring for Your Down Jacket

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The New Era of the Family Camping Tents

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5 Sports Bras for the Active Woman

Boobs, the twins, the ladies, our bust – we’ve probably all got quite a few names we like to use. And, […]