Overcoming Obstacles: Social Anxiety

Did you know that over 40 million adults live with an anxiety disorder? If you happen to be part of […]

Family Comes First When Making New Memories

The other day the website was crashing and I was sitting there buried up to my ears in 502 errors […]

How Hiking Brought Me Back from Post Partum Darkness

I was raised in the Southern California Mountains. I had a father who instilled a love of nature and hiking […]

Overcoming Obstacles: Recovering from Injury and PTSD

I grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere, so being outdoors was always a part of […]

Overcoming Obstacles: Fear of Myself

I have always struggled with my weight. I am not as active as I should be, but even as a […]

Overcoming Obstacles: The First Hike is the Hardest

Were you a Hike It Baby Facebook lurker at first? Are you still? That’s completely okay! It can feel scary […]

Hike More, Smile More

When Mason was born I remember having a feeling of dread because I knew I was about to enter into […]

Extending the HiB30 Challenge – One family’s 100 mile challenge.

After the first HiB30 Challenge in November of 2014, Sarah and Thomas Box decided that 30 miles in 30 days […]

Get Past the Excuses and Get Out with Hike it Baby!

I grew up in a small (and VERY active) town in Alaska. Growing up, everyone participated in every sport, simply […]

Hiking or Housework? How to find a balance.

In Hike it Baby Cities all across the country we post our fun hike pictures in our local FaceBook group […]

Hike it Baby Hike On! Join us!

What an amazing June it has been! Thanks to American Hiking Society organizing National Trails Day we really kicked it […]

Intro to Hiking: Finding a Family-Friendly First Hike

A few weeks ago our 4 year-old avid hiker said to me, “I don’t think I like hiking. It’s just […]

The Bond Hiking Created

I loved hiking ever since I was a child. My parents would take me beautiful places out in the middle-of-nowhere […]

Superfeet & Hike it Baby helps Families go Further

Portland, OR (May 19, 2015) – Superfeet, a leading designer and manufacturer of over-the-counter insoles, are sponsoring all Hike it […]

Stretch, Then Drop it Down

Headed out on the trail this week? Ever thought about adding a little stretching and leg work to your hike? […]

Inspirational Lead Kendall Killingsworth

  The post baby experience for many mamas is similar. You’ve watched your body change dramatically from having a baby […]

Hike it Baby in the News!

What a fun month of hiking it has been. The Hike it Baby 30 is coming to a close and […]

Hiking from a Little One’s Perspective

Often when we head out for our adventures we focus on our own experience and don’t think about what our […]

HIB Partners with American Hiking Society

Want to get out there this summer? We do and we want you to join us! Hike it Baby has […]

Tears On the Trail

Do you have that one hike that’s unforgettable? Either everything was so awesome that you’re sure that the day will […]

Hiking with 2 Kiddos

Hiking is one of my all-time favorite activities, so I do it almost every week with my two kids. Our […]

Find a Challenge Buddy

The Hike it Baby 30 January is on. For those of you who still want to enter it’s not to […]

What an Awesome Year 2014 Has Been!

We hiked, we grew, we learned, we laughed…what’s next? The last day of 2014 is here! How was your year? […]

Got 15 Minutes? Step Outside

  Yesterday I went on a walk in Gabriel Park with my friend Ashley in the morning (so nice to […]

Your Baby is an Animal!

YOU & YOUR BABY DID IT. We are still working out the numbers but we are close to 10,000 miles […]

Thanksgiving and Hike it Baby 30 Last Week!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are in the home stretch of the Hike it Baby 30! It’s been such a fun […]

Raising Wilderness Savvy Children

Earlier this summer I was on a hike with my kids. I wanted to move down the trail, I was […]

What’s Hike it Baby 30 All About?

“Speed is not a priority, just enjoy your hike – Keep smile” ― Barry Perdana Putra So maybe you have […]

Keeping Hike it Baby Free For All!

Remember the first time you went on a hike with Hike it Baby how you felt? I felt supported, safe, […]

Alternative Ways to Battle Postpartum Depression

I had postpartum depression. I beat postpartum depression. I want to help you do the same. Postpartum depression is moderate […]

Ready to Lead a Hike?

For a lot of people going on the hikes is fun, but there comes a point when you might be […]

Inspirational Hikes

I have an almost five-year-old son and an infant daughter. If I want to go anywhere, I find it helpful […]

Want to Start a Branch?

Interested in getting Hike it Baby going in your town? Or want to help spread it to another town you used […]

Pumping On Trail

Friday, August 1, 2014 Hike it Baby is doing a Big Latch On on Trail, so we thought posting this […]

Finding Hiking Motivation

Finding the time, energy and motivation to hike can be tough, especially with a baby! I only have one, so […]