Hiking with Young Infants: Tips and Tricks

Tallie shares her journey as a new mom. She talks about how hiking with infants is both doable and shares […]

Conservationist Series – Verplanck Colvin

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Why I Love Recurring Hikes

I fought it for months. When I started a new Hike It Baby branch, the collective wisdom of those who […]

Conservationist Series – Rachel Carson

This is a continuation of our conservationist series. Each post will detail a conservationist’s life, notable accomplishments and ways the […]

How To Make Your Own Pinhole Viewer for the Eclipse

Are you ready? The United States is about to witness an amazing spectacle it hasn’t seen in over 45 years.  […]

A is for Alphabet Themed Hikes

Camping under the stars, building stick forts, wadding through the creek, and fishing with Dad have been fond memories of […]

Total Solar Eclipse 2017 – How Will You Be Viewing?

Excitement is running high for the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse that will occur over North America on August 21, 2017. […]

Cloth Diapering while Hiking

I’ve heard it a few times now. “We do cloth at home, but use disposables on hikes… just in case.” […]

Nature Based Scavenger Hunts, your new hiking friend

There are days that getting my kids to agree to a hike is like pulling teeth. You’d think they never […]

Conservationist Series – John Audubon

This is a continuation of our conservationist series. Each post will detail a conservationist’s life, notable accomplishments and ways the […]

Nighttime Activities for Camping with Kids

For many people, a lot of planning goes into what to bring for a camping trip – gear, food, clothes […]

Journeys of 1000 Miles Start With These 2 Steps

They say the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, but I’m pretty sure that’s a lie […]

Losing a Child on the Trail: A Parent’s Guide

Losing a Child: it’s every outdoor parent’s worst nightmare – something distracts you momentarily and you turn around to find your […]

The Art of the Night Hike, Courtesy of a former Y camper

You’ve scouted the trail and picked the perfect night according to weather. Now there’s just the children’s temperament on that […]

Running with Your Toddler

Some of the more gratifying moments as a parent are when our kids emulate our better tendencies and qualities.  One […]

Stroller Running with Your Baby Postpartum

  When I first found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I was instantly overwhelmed, so I proceeded to […]

10 Tips for Camping with an Infant

Shortly after our daughter was born, we splurged and invested in a used pop-up camper, setting a goal of camping […]

Conservationist Series: Mardy Murie

Wife. Mother. Naturalist.  Author.  Adventurer. Conservationist. Mardy Murie has been called the “Grandmother of the Conservation Movement.” Along with her […]

Tent, Toddlers and Sleeping under the Stars

Far and away one of the biggest concerns I had prior to taking my children camping, was whether they would […]

10 Tips To Keep Kids Moving On The Trail

We can all agree that one of the amazing gifts young children give us is forcing us to slow down.  […]

Getting Out The Door

We are a homeschooling family. This may lull you into a false sense of stereotyping where you assume we have […]

Getting Outside – Even in the Rain

Hello! Hope you’re having lovely spring weather full of flowers and sunshine wherever you are. Spring is one of my […]

Let’s Go Camping with…Toddlers!

You’ve packed the tent, the stove, the screen tent, the reusable camping dishware, the fuel, the hammock, and the cooler. […]

Geocaching: A Search for Treasure on the Trail

Long before Pokémon Go came along and encouraged youngsters to get off the couch and go outside, geocaching was providing […]

Winter Outdoor Activities: What is ‘Skinning’?

Every time a Hike it Baby 30 Challenge rolls around, many people see the ‘What Counts?’ poster and ask, “What […]

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That’s Too Heavy!

Do a Google search for hiking blogs and websites and I can practically guarantee that you’ll soon come across discussions […]

10 tips for hiking with toddler twins

So, you’ve got twins and you want to hike? Great, but before you run out that door, you need a […]

Find Your Park in September: Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

If you happen to live in the Pacific Northwest, you know that we love our national parks out here!  And […]

Preparing For Long Distance Camping Trips With a Toddler

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Limited Freedom: Why the Park and Play is My Favorite “Hike” for Toddlers

I have a secret that I’m ready to share: I hate hosting toddler-led hikes. However, I have another, more valuable […]

Olympics Inspire Outdoor Fun For the Family

I am an advocate for experiencing nature and the outdoors. It’s a priority for me to teach my son to […]

Fun Outdoor Activities For Fall

Fall is a welcome respite from the heat of summer. The colorful leaves and the crisp air give fall a […]

When the Heat is Just Too Much

When we planned the hike the week before, the temperature was forecast to be in the low- to mid-70s. Perfect! […]

Video – How To Pick a Trail

Jessica Featherstone, from the Hike it Baby social media team, introduces our latest video produced with our friends at Baby […]

Successful Camping as a Solo Parent

This past week my friend asked if I wanted to take my kids camping (sans husband) and I said yes. […]

Embracing Glamping with Toddlers and Babies

There was once a time when camping was a simple thing for my husband and me. Load up your gear […]

Picking a Campsite for Baby

Location is everything – Noisy trains, car noise, partying teens, lots of dogs are all a drag when you have […]

11 Tips for Safety on Trail

Hike it Baby works so well for people because, first and foremost, we are conscious of safety on trail when […]

Tips for Joining or Leading a Hike for the First Time

Hike it Baby is so happy that Stephanie worked up the courage to lead her first hike! She has generously […]

Leave No Trace Part 2- “Choose The Right Path”

This is Part Two of our Leave No Trace Series:  Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces I live in Boulder, […]

Trail Etiquette for Kids

As parents, it’s our job to make sure that our children grow up to be good people. We try to […]

8 Steps to Help you Hike After Baby

Having a newborn baby suddenly changes so many aspects of your life. One of these is how to get out […]


This article should be titled: Why it’s awesome to be a part of HIB and get good discounts on gear. […]

Winter Hiking – How to Layer for Infants

Winter hiking can feel intimidating when attempting to venture out with an infant. We’re here to help! We’ve been there […]

Animal Encounters: Australia

Did you know Hike it Baby is in Australia? While we have bears, moose, ticks and occasionally snakes in North […]

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Mama Mechanics (for dads and other caregivers too!)

Getting onto the trail with baby is a wonderful thing!  It’s good for everyone to get outside.  Walking, or better […]

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HiB Hacks – How to Nurse or Bottle Feed on the Trail

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Winter Gear – How to Layer

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