Tandem Babywearing on the Trail

Do you ever look at all of the stunning Hike it Baby photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and spot […]

Hiking With A Toddler

Part One: Choose Your Hike Doing practically anything with a young child requires extra planning, gear, and attention. To keep […]

Hiking During Hunting Season – 10 Safety Tips

Hunting is a very popular outdoor activity here in the Mitten. In fact, in northern lower Michigan and the Upper […]

Toddler Friendly Camping Tips and Tricks

This past weekend we went camping. My husband and I have both spent a lot of time camping and for us […]

More on Winter Hiking with Infants, Toddlers, and Children

As the weather turns colder, questions arise about how to keep your little ones safe and warm on the trail. […]

Ask the Expert: Rattlesnakes on the Trail!

Hey Hikers! Do you hike in an area that has “Beware of Rattlesnakes” signs at the trailheads of your favorite […]

5 Tips for Camping Hike Trips with Baby

Last spring my husband and I talked about backpacking with our one-year-old, but the logistics seemed a little overwhelming, especially […]

Hiking After a Cesarean Birth

So you’ve had a surgical birth. You’re feeling better, getting the hang of this newborn baby thing, and climbing the […]

Intro to Family Hiking: Plants & Animals

There’s so much we can teach our children in the great outdoors, from how to follow trail markers to what […]

HIB Bear Safety for Families

We may not have bears in every Hike it Baby city, but for those who do, here are some tips […]

Why You Might Need a New Carrier

A few weeks ago someone posted a picture on Hike it Baby Portland of a second hand carrier they had […]

HiB Hacks – How to Nurse or Bottle Feed on the Trail

One of the biggest things that hampered my ability to join my first Hike it Baby hike was the fact […]

Overcoming Obstacles: 8 Reasons to Hike in the Rain

Are you a fair weather hiker? It’s totally ok if you’re only comfortable getting outside on nice days and choose […]

Mama Mechanics (For Dads and other caregivers too!)

Getting onto the trail with baby is a wonderful thing!  It’s good for everyone to get outside.  Walking, or better […]

Trail Tips: Hiking with Mosquitoes

Greetings from the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, AKA Minnesota, AKA the Land of Ten Zillion Mosquitoes! Yes, Minnesota is […]

Working Families: 4 Strategies to Get Out and Hike

Attention: working parents or anyone looking for a way to add in more family hikes.  The after work rush can […]

Dehydration on the Trail: Signs, Prevention and Treatment

If you live in an extremely hot climate or are traveling somewhere where the heat is more than you are […]

Tandem Babywearing on Trail – Tips and Tricks

Do you ever look at all of the stunning Hike it Baby photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and spot […]

Leaving a Trace with My Toddler

Before she started walking, I LOVED going to the woods with my daughter. She was content to just sit in […]

Deciding What Carrier is Best for You

So you are getting out hiking and not just a little, a lot! It’s always hard to decide whether a […]

4 Ways to Power Up Your Smoothies

Smoothies are the perfect family food. They’re easy to prepare, delicious, and portable—perfect snacks for pre- or post-hikes or even […]

Wearing them “Onya”

Babywearing and hiking when you are a family with little ones go hand-in-hand. That is why we are so happy […]

Overnight Backpacking with a Toddler in Tow

In our pre-baby lives my husband Dan and I had been fairly regular backpackers. We’ve always found that there is […]

Wrap it Up

Do you have a wrap or see baby wearing mamas with wraps and wonder how that would work on the […]

Intro to Hiking: Feeding the Family

You know that feeling when you’re so hungry you become hangry? You’ve probably experienced it and witnessed your kids (or […]

Stretch, Then Drop it Down

Headed out on the trail this week? Ever thought about adding a little stretching and leg work to your hike? […]

10 Essentials for the Trail with Baby

Heading out on the trail for the first time with baby can be intimidating, whether you are headed to somewhere […]

Camping with Baby or Toddler

It’s that time of year again! Summer is almost upon us and people are gearing up to go camping. Whether […]

Are you Ready for Spring Hiking with Baby?

Spring is approaching! It may not feel like it for those of us experiencing extra cold temperatures right now, but […]

Tears On the Trail

Do you have that one hike that’s unforgettable? Either everything was so awesome that you’re sure that the day will […]

How to Prepare for the Unexpected

One thing that I love about the wilderness is the great unknown. On any given day you never know what […]

Hike it Baby Car Preparedness

What’s in your trunk when you hit the road to go for a hike? As the rain starts and the […]

Pre-Hike Planning

A few weeks ago my branch had a Mama whose car ran out of gas. At the end of the […]

Graduating to Frame Carriers

Here are a few more tips to get you out there with a frame carrier: 1. SHORT HIKES – Start […]

How to Pack for a Hike (and not forget anything)

Today as part of our safe hiking series we’re talking about how to pack for a hike. Here’s where I […]

Winter Hiking With Babies

It’s cold out there! Winter hiking with babies can wonderful, however be sure to properly dress your little one as […]

4 Safety Tips for Hiking with Toddlers

As our babies grow to toddlers eventually they want to leave the comfort of a baby carrier and hit the […]

Safe Hikes: An Introduction to our Blog Series

What would you do if you lost your child while hiking? Last spring an acquaintance, we’ll call her Suzie, told […]

We’re Not Afraid of a Little Rain!

Winter is creeping in and the leaves are falling (and in some places are gone already). Jackets are going on […]

What to Wear: Hiking in the Rain and Winter

My daughter was born last October, and our first Hike it Baby hike was just a few weeks after  that. […]

Wearing Double on the Trail

Hey, Hike it Baby parents. I know many of you with two little ones are wondering how you can easily get out and do a […]

What to pack while hiking

Heading out on to the trail? Wondering what to bring? Here’s a quick guide to what I take out there. […]

Log Your Hikes

I am a big fan of keeping track of hikes. I know that may sound a little anal retentive, but […]

How Far Can You Go With Your Baby?

How far can your child or toddler hike? That depends on how old your child is and whether you carry […]

Pumping On Trail

Friday, August 1, 2014 Hike it Baby is doing a Big Latch On on Trail, so we thought posting this […]

Trail Dangers Are Real

Hikers Be Aware! There are creepy crawlies and weather that can ruin a good hike, but don’t let that spoil the […]

First Hike With The Little One

Eds Note: This is the first of a 3 part series on hiking with little ones. As first time parents […]

Loading Baby on Back Alone!

One of the things I have found that holds a lot of new mamas back from doing things like hiking […]

Baby Steps = Healthy Knees

What can we learn from our children when hiking? Baby steps. Especially when knees are involved. They are some of […]

First Time Camping with Baby

Thinking of going camping this summer but new to the whole game? It’s not as scary as you think. Keep […]

Bear and Moose Safety

Ed note: This might be a topic that’s pretty far fetched for most of us Mama Hikers, but if you […]