Happy Babywearing Month!

Each year people all over the world celebrate babywearing during the month of October! Not only is the sense of community around babywearing heightened, expanded, and enjoyed, but there is also a focus is spreading babywearing magic with others. Caregivers everywhere share their babywearing stories, introduce others to the joys and benefits of babywearing, and the cultural and historical babywearing traditions are learned and passed on. It is an important month and Hike it Baby is celebrating too!

babywearing on a hike

Since babywearing has become popular in Western culture, it has changed the way we experience the outdoors with our families. Whether you are using a ring sling, stretchy wrap, or soft structure carrier for a walk around your neighborhood or using a frame carrier or soft structure carrier and hitting the trail for a day-long hike, we rely on wearing our babies to make it easier to get outside with our kiddos every day. Even those toddlers with tired legs go up into the carrier once in a while (they make toddler carriers too)!

In celebration of babywearing, Hike it Baby is sharing our top 5 blog posts on wearing our babies and toddlers, as well as some important links to additional babywearing information.

Our Top 5 Babywearing Blog Posts

1. How Babywearing Benefits You and Your Child

Anyone who has experience with babywearing will tell you that it definitely has its benefits. However, there are actual studies out there that provide scientific evidence for these benefits, and it turns out there are many!

babywearing outdoors

2. How to Babywear in the Rain

Tips to keep you, your baby, and your carrier dry!

3. How to Tandem Babywear While Hiking

More children also mean more tired little legs. You may need to enter the realm of tandem wearing – wearing two children in carriers at once. Here are some general tandem wearing tips to get you started.

4. How to Layer When Babywearing in the Cold

Winter is right around the corner! Wearing your baby is a great way to keep baby safe, dry, and warm in winter weather. Get those layers right and you’ll be happy on the trail all winter long!

5. Ways to Get Back On the Trail After Having a Baby

Being able to wear your baby on the trail is key to getting back outside after baby. But, it’s only one component. Check out these tips and advice from our Hike it Baby community to make it easier to get back into nature after having a baby.

babywearing in cold weather outdoors

Additional Babywearing Information

  • Babywearing Basics – Learn all about different carriers, safety tips, and more.
  • International Babywearing Week – This celebration also occurs in October and is all about promoting babywearing across the world! This celebratory week was created by the now-defunct organization Babywearing International, but volunteers stepped up have kept this annual tradition going.
  • Black Babywearing Week – This June celebration is all about uplifting and inspiring black babywearers, while also unifying black babywearing educators, bloggers, and black-owned babywearing companies.

Are you planning on hitting the trail to celebrate babywearing month? Visit www.hikeitbaby.com to see if there is a scheduled hike near you!

Photos courtesy of Deanna Curry and Jessica Human.


Hike it Baby is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to creating opportunities and removing barriers to access so families with babies and young children can take their first steps outside. With more than 300 communities across North America, they firmly believe all families have the right to connect with nature, benefit from spending time outdoors, and be inspired to a lifelong love of nature. To learn more, visit HikeitBaby.com, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.  To support their mission and further their programming aimed at supporting families, donate here.






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