Hello Mamas. This hike is a carrier only. Too steep!

Here’s a run down from Portland Field Hikers Guide. This hike is a good way to get some decent elevation gain within the Portland city limits. The destination Council Crest is a park built atop a summit with great views on a clear day. The summit is reachable by car (and there are closer trailheads), but you will get a better workout with the described route.

Start out at the Marquam Nature Park Shelter Trailhead and head to the left. Almost immediately you will hit a junction- head to the right, following the signs to Council Crest. Continue until you reach a junction with the trail that heads down towards the Broadway Avenue trailhead and head towards the left, again following the signs. Soon you will leave the solitude of the forest and travel through neighborhoods in between rows of large houses (some of which are quite spectacular). There will be a few street crossings over busy roads which do not have crosswalks. The hike will steepen as you reach the summit of Council Crest.

On the return trip you can add in a loop that adds no distance to the hike. At the Broadway Avenue junction, head to the left this time. At the next intersection, there will be an option to continue towards the Broadway trailhead, but head to the right instead, towards the Marquam Park Nature Shelter.


All the deets are on the link.

Starting point at Marquam Trail Shelter (where they are just finishing up a really cool mosaic on the stairs)
Map to get there here

3.3 mi out and back up to Council Crest.

820 feet elevation gain


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