Creative Ways to Save Your HiB30 StickersHike it Baby is all about getting families outside and enjoying nature on trails as much as possible. That’s why we love to motivate the masses a few times a year with the HiB30 Challenge. Get outside for 30 miles in 30 days or get outside for 30 minutes 3 times/week in 30. At the end of the Challenge, everyone who participated receives a unique Hib30 Challenge Sticker in the mail! They’ve become something those of us who have done multiple Challenges like to collect. True to form, HiB families have come up with some creative ways of displaying those keepsakes! How will you save YOUR HiB30 stickers now?

I personally have taken my stickers, laminated them (I buy the self-seal laminating pouches – I don’t own a fancy laminate machine), punched a hole in them and have them hanging on a hook that is attached to my hiking frame carrier. I think I will start writing the dates and the miles or minutes we accomplished on the back of them from now on!

Here are some creative ways that other HiB families have saved their sticker:

Käryn Gaffney: I was going to put my first challenge sticker on ‘The Mailbox’, but instead, I put the generic sticker up there. This hike was the hardest one I’ve done yet, and I challenged myself to do it after my first challenge earlier this year.

Eliza Oakes: I’ll put them on my car along with my collection of zoo membership stickers. Look, fellow motorists, at all the fun things we do!

Elena Bersani: I laminated my June sticker and hooked it to my hiking carrier too! Excited to get my second sticker!

Bailey Ludlam: Water bottle art! The rest are currently on my fridge but hopefully I’ll get some inspiration of where to put them.

Rosie Norlander: I started doing pocket scrapbooking this year (basically just a glorified photo album) and when we participate in a HIB challenge I make sure to collect a few great pictures. Then I incorporate the pictures, the HIB 30 challenge sticker and a short description of what we’ve accomplished into the album. I love having the pictures and memorabilia to look back on and so does my 23 month old hiking buddy!


Laura Matter: Water bottle decoration. I handwash my water bottle and the stickers have held up well so far.

Amy Parshall:  I only have the one and its sitting in the center console of my car because I can’t commit to anything. But I see it every time I get in the car and it reminds me of what we accomplished during that month and what we will accomplish in the future!

Kaleigh Doncheck:  Filing cabinet decoration! Reminds me of the outdoors while I am stuck inside working.

Maggie Jungbluth:  On my car window!

Jessica Gosz Nave:  I turned my last one into a magnet!

Sarah Hoffman:  I plan on putting them all over the bottle

Bonnie Pineda:  Water bottle.


Elizabeth Ahlers:  I wrote my dd’s name, month, and year on the back and then put a magnet on the back. Now it is on our fridge waiting for more to join.

Madelyn Barranco:  I finished the last challenge while pregnant with my kiddo that is about to be born, so I included that sticker in her nursery.

Ginny Gustin:  I purchased a magnet sheet and stuck them there and then cut them out. Refrigerator magnets!

Sarah Luebke:  Mine are all on my water bottle.

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