So you are getting out hiking and not just a little, a lot! It’s always hard to decide whether a frame or a soft carrier will do the trick when you are getting out there. I usually suggest if you aren’t super serious about your hiking and it’s just a hike here and there to consider renting a frame carrier from a local shop. A lot of sporting good stores will carry baby backpacks.

However if you are finding yourself hiking more and more (yes, Hike it Baby will do this to you!) then consider what kind of hiking you are doing and what you need to carry on you. If you like to carry a lot of stuff you might need to consider a frame carrier. But if you just do a lot of quick hikes you might want to think soft.

One complaint people often have is that soft carriers hurt their backs after extended wear. This is because many carriers don’t have enough support in the waist and shoulders. Be careful when you buy a carrier. It’s easy to fall into the “cute carrier” trap where you buy because you like the pattern or color. Make sure you think about how you are going to use the carrier and buy appropriately.

Here’s a quick video I made showing two carriers. Talk with your branch and see what other people are doing and if you can borrow a carrier from someone before you buy. Many Hike it Baby branches have loaner Onya Baby carriers to try out. Now plan those hikes and get out there! The forest is waiting for you.


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