Earth Day is right around the corner (April 22nd) and why not celebrate it in style with one or more of these easy and fun activities! The best part? Almost all of these can be done right at home!

Plant a pollinator garden

You don’t need a yard to plant bee and butterfly friendly flowers! A balcony is perfect for growing a sunflower or maybe some lavender. Need some ideas on which flowers to plant? The US Forest Service has you covered. Their website has information on ways to attract pollinators and you will even find links to regional and native plants to consider.

boy holding flower

Do a neighborhood trash cleanup

Unfortunately, trash always seems to find its way onto the ground. Grab some gloves and a bucket and meander through your neighborhood picking up trash. Kids love it and it is so good for the environment. Here are some tips for trail clean-up safety  and a video about how to keep trails litter free that you can apply to your neighborhood efforts.

Create a nature weaving

Another way to store and display the many wonderful nature treasures children find is to create a nature weaving

Use food scraps to plant veggie starts

Looking for a way to reduce your food waste? What better time to explore a new way of starting a vegetable garden than to celebrate Earth Day! This blog post offers some vegetables to try and how to go about it.

Make wildflower seed bombs

There are a variety of recipes, but the basics are wildflower seeds, compost/dirt, and clay. Such a fun activity and they make great Earth Day gifts.

Play outside

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to soak up some time outside with family. Here is a list of 30 things you can do right outside your door in 30 minutes.

girls playing on a swingset

Learn something new about nature

Don’t know much about snails? Or maybe you want your kids to know more about the plants native to your area? What better time to dive in and learn more about the nature around us than Earth Day!?

Read nature-related books

Take some time on Earth Day to read some books focused on nature. Bonus points for reading them outside! Check out this blog post for Earth Day theme book ideas.

Create a nature playscape in your yard 

Spend some time outside creating a more nature-focused play area for your children. Include your children in the process. This Hike it Baby blog post offers some easy ideas to incorporate nature in any play area.

Go on a nature scavenger hunt

Create a simple scavenger hunt with items you know are in your local park or neighborhood. Find some ideas here or view this Pinterest board for more inspiration.  

Sort recycling

Teach your kids the difference between bottles, cans, paper, and more. Let them help you sort through your recycling. If you go on a neighborhood trash pickup, you could also sort the trash and pick out the recycling. Make it a game. Kids learn best when playing.

Eat dandelions

Nourish your bodies with a healthy edible flower. The dandelion greens are great in salads and the petals are delicious in cookies. There are a lot of recipes out there to incorporate these healthy edible flowers. Learn more!

Cook an environmentally conscious meal

Celebrate Earth Day by eating environmentally friendly food. Shop local, eat vegetarian or vegan, or eat foods you grew or that are ethically sourced. There are a lot of options.

Learn About Leave No Trace Practices

Check out these Hike it Baby blog posts that will help you teach your littles the important points of practicing Leave No Trace on the trail and set the foundation from an early age.

Make a bird feeder

Celebrate Earth Day by feeding the birds. Egg cartons or the cardboard centers of toilet paper, with some peanut butter and bird seed make for an excellent, Leave No Trace friendly, (and easy) craft.

Go for a walk in your neighborhood

Get outside and walk your neighborhood. Just being outside and soaking up some mother nature is an excellent way to honor the day.

Explore worms and composting

What better time to dive in and explore the world of composting? No need to start a compost pile (unless you want to), you could spend the time learning about how compost works and what process worms play.

boys looking at nature with magnifying lenses

Make leaf rubbings

Even though it is Spring, finding leaves on the ground to make leaf rubbings with can still happen. This is a project that is always a hit and is so much fun for children and adults alike.

Construction paper sun prints 

Grab some construction paper, some household or nature finds, and explore this fun outdoor activity! This blog post lays out how the process works. 

Start a nature journal

Increase awareness or better document time spent in nature with your children by nature journaling. And what better time to decide to learn this process than Earth Day!?

Make a bug hotel

Bugs need homes too and spending Earth Day building them a home is a wonderful and engaging activity. Plus, for all those budding entomologists, this makes for a neat place to stop and observe bugs in action. Here is one example of making a simple bug hotel.

Create art with recycled materials

Instead of throwing away the egg carton or tossing the junk mail, use it to create works of art!

Any other ideas out there for fun and simple Earth Day activities to do with children? Let us know in the comments! 

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Photos courtesy of Jessica Human and Laura Castro.


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