Our friends over at Sierra Designs and WildKind recently released an informative video highlighting some super helpful tips on how to backpack with kids!

Eager to hit the backcountry with little ones? If you’ve been exploring the idea of elevating your kid camping experience to a backcountry trek, this is for you! Sierra Designs teamed up with Heather Balogh Rochfort, co-founder of Wildkind, to help families gain confidence in hitting the trails this summer with the whole family.

Heather explains helpful tips like:

  • Starting Small - recommendations on types of trails and their terrain & milage, how far to travel & how for many nights
  • Stay Organized - recommendations on ways to pack using stuff sacks, how to pack & organize them, etc.
  • Focus on Kid-Friendly Dining - recommendations on types of meals to pack for your kids that you know they’ll like
  • Don’t Forget the Fun - recommendations on how to keep the experience enjoyable and fun!

Elevate Your Camp: Backpacking with Kids



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