After the stress of the holidays, warming up to a good book can be good for the soul. Check out these winter reads to calm your spirit and connect with your kids!

End the year with some warm reads by Jessica Nave for Hike it BabyOver and Under the Snow by Kate Messner

A cold and snowy day calls for snuggling in blankets with a good book. Over and Under the Snow is a great book to read with your little ones when the weather is a bit too cold for outside adventures or before bed after a long day of exploring.

With beautiful illustrations and well-crafted words that appeal to all the senses, Over and Under the Snow is a wonderful book to help children learn about how animals survive during the cold, snowy months of winter.

The book follows a boy and his father on a cross-country ski trip, and the father shares his knowledge of the secret kingdom of the animals in the winter. “Tracks always tell a story,” the dad tells his boy. The illustrations show what is happening both above and underground, allowing the reader to really take in what happens in the winter.

Over and Under the Snow is written with language that children of all ages can understand, but the book also contains an author’s note with more scientific information on the subnivean zone, which is the network of tunnels between the snowpack and the ground. There is also a page that details what the animals addressed in the story do in the winter, which may satisfy the craving for more information of older readers.

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack KeatsFebruary book review by Jessica Nave for Hike it Baby

In The Snowy Day, Peter takes an outdoor adventure. Bundled up in a snowsuit, he explores the neighborhood, making snow angels, knocking snow off trees and dreaming of the day he is old enough to participate in snowball fights. Everything about the snowy day is magical to Peter, and he can’t wait to get back outside the next day with the fresh new blanket of snow.

Peter’s sense of excitement over the snow is contagious, and reading this Caldecott Medal winner to your child or a group before a Hike it Baby adventure will create a sense of wonder and joy as the kids get ready for their own snow day adventure. Kids and parents alike will enjoy the simple colorful illustrations, which feature great contrast in color.

Besides piquing your child’s interest about snow play, The Snowy Day was a trailblazer when it was first published in 1962. It was one of the first picture books for young children that featured an multi-cultural urban setting and an African-American protagonist. Despite its original publication date, The Snowy Day still gets children excited for winter and the accompanying snow!

End the year with some warm reads by Jessica Nave for Hike it BabyBaking Day at Grandma’s by Anika Denise

Join three little bears as they venture their way to Grandma’s house for a baking day! Filled with rhyme, repetition and winter scenes, you and your toddler will imagine walking through the snow on a cold day. While the scenes outside are cold, the love and warmth in Grandma’s kitchen will keep you warm. Best of all, the book ends with a recipe for a chocolate cake that you and your little ones can make at home!

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