Fall has been rather slow to take hold here in Central Oregon. Aside from our favorite retailers selling those precious “pumpkin spice”-everything, you might not even realize it’s fall unless you’re up early to feel that chilly morning air. As we move into the heart of fall, we find ourselves excited and nervous at what the weather will bring. In our area, it’s rain. Lots of it.

Fall hiking ideas

To keep interest and excitement up, ensuring our commitment to hike isn’t interrupted, we add another element of fun to our plans. A quick list from Hike it Baby members helps us always have a good idea for fall hiking at the ready.

  1. Head to the orchard and pick some apples.
  2. Visit a local pumpkin patch and run in the corn maze.
  3. Fall colors hike – Find a high point near you and take in the fall colors around you. Or head to the hardware store, grab some fall-inspired paint chips and see how how many colors and shades you can match while hiking or even strolling down your street. 
  4. Leaf hunt hike with a fun book and a cool craft
  5. Costume hike.
  6. Puddle jumping hike. (Gear up here.)
  7. Hibernation hunt – Look for animals getting ready to hibernate or signs of their habitats.
  8. Glowstick/flashlight hike in the evening or a full moon hike.
  9. Fall scavenger hunt.
  10. Pumpkin hunt – Hide mini pumpkins on a small trail and have kids find them and keep them. You could also paint/decorate them after the hike.
  11. Bird watching hike – Read The Birdwatchers and look for birds on your hike. Older kids might enjoy Backyard Birds a field guide for young kids. You could pair this with a homemade bird feeder activity too. (Another bird feeder choice.)
  12. Plan a bike ride instead of a hike.
  13. Urban hike your downtown area while a new chili recipe cooks in the Crock-Pot at home.
  14. Create a special mid-hike snack like these Fall Cornucopias.

Sometimes the weather gets us down or the kids and I just aren’t feelin’ it. We take these days and head to the library. Fall fun abounds, I guarantee.

Visit the library:

Read the Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert and make leaf people together with found materials.

Let’s Lasso the Moon had a large list of fall book options.

EBook Friendly also has a list for adult books. Pick one up for yourself while looking for the kids’ books.

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We’d like to hear from you. What are you doing this fall? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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