HiB Hike On! Winner Profile - Christa SnyderI first started writing about finding balance as an obstacle to overcome in order to hike as much as I wanted, but still have a clean home and healthy meals.  How do you hike as much as you want and maintain a semblance of balance in your life? You can read about my conclusions about what I determined to be the balance “myth” here. Next, I did what any good blogger would do and surveyed fellow hikers on Facebook how they found a balance of “adulting” and getting out and hiking; the ensuing conversation was frankly pure fun. Here are some of our HIB Branch Leads’ thoughts on finding balance.

How many of you would rather hike than “adult”? Rather hike than clean your house, do laundry, cook dinner, work at your day job…. etc.? How do you find the balance you need?

Finding Balance HIB-Style (3)My hubby comes home and the house is a wreck, the kids are nekked, there may or may not be dinner started and I may or may not have poured a glass of wine. Is that balance? Could be. We have usually filled our day with hiking, visiting, errands, or play so…. Who is to say. I’m a little over the balancing act and I’m over being an adult. Excuse me, I’m off to play fairy in the woods. I’m really a terrible adult. (Seriously, I do laundry while watching Netflix after the boys go down, I have a system and a way of folding…. I take over the floor and make a night of it.) –– Ashley Brower

Finding Balance HIB-Style (5)Cook dinner- that’s what a slow cooker is for. I have kiddo help unload the dishwasher and load it while she’s napping. Laundry- one load a day. I start it at night and then it goes on the line in the morning. — Kimberly Morton



Finding Balance HIB-Style (7)I invite my friends over for trashy TV (the Bachelor family of shows) on Monday or Tuesday, then my house is clean enough for guests and the remainder of the week is maintenance. We have a roomba and it is probably my favorite thing (besides baby carriers) that we own! You mean a robot will vacuum my house for me?!?! If that’s not adult, I don’t know what is…plus my son “helps.” — Jamie Lucille Sperry

Finding Balance HIB-Style (2)
I gave up on adulting. Survival is more the name of the game and if my son doesn’t get his Kelty time, he’s a monster. Fresh air is all that works for naps. I also have a fleet of slow cookers. My dog
acts as a vacuum for crumbs in the carpets, and I’m embarrassed to say that I fail to dust until I could almost write my name on the entertainment center…. There is a pile of laundered diapers on the dresser, and a basket loaded with clean laundry that’s been sitting unfolded for three days…. — Lora Waloski

Finding Balance HIB-Style (4)I always err on the side of getting out and making memories with my son (and soon to be daughter as well!). The dishes will always be there. — Lauren Koppes




Finding Balance HIB-Style (6)I thought of this mopping my floor earlier – I don’t think it’s been mopped since my last break from school 8 weeks ago. The dog does lick stiff off it a lot though, so it’s sort of the same. My program is online and classes are 8 weeks long and very intense so I just do school when kids nap and enough house work to keep the house reasonable and us fed in the evenings after they go to bed. I do some chores with them, of course, but not everything. My husband works a lot so my house is frequently. ..full of character. I might dress up like a fairy when I clean it now though. — Nicole Hammond

Finding Balance HIB-Style (8)Terrible at balance, especially now being pregnant. I currently have Gilmore girls on and am watching the nug throw his pirates booty and plums down the slide. He took a 1 hour nap where he usually takes a 2-3 hour. Winning. — Ashley Scheider



I would clean my house in the evenings after work so I can keep ALL our weekends free and go hiking! — Anka Trifan

I too am bad at adulting. I have been known to Amazon more underwear rather than do laundry…. And by do I mean fold since my husband has less clothes than me so he tends to wash and dry the laundry. — Jessi Cox

It’s a daily struggle, but I find a good balance with making sure I keep up with two chores that totally bog me down if I fall behind- laundry and dishes. Other than those two I do them when I have time. I like to hike 5-6 times a week so I’ll get up 20 minutes early on my early hike days to make sure a load has started and dishes put away or are loaded for the next cycle. I also absolutely can’t clean if my toddler is up. For whatever reasons, I’ll let you connect the dots. Daylight is for hiking, night time for cleaning. — Corie Reeves.

What are some strategies you use to find balance – funny or serious? Submit them via this Google Form: http://goo.gl/forms/VIbuU5IXLk.

Erin PenningsErin Pennings’ main duty in life is making sure that her sweet, but very busy toddler, Emmett, doesn’t dive head first off the highest thing he can climb. She is also an outdoor advocate, formerly avid traveler, animal lover, and a lifestyle blogger who loves food. Follow her adventures on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @SalmonAtSeven.


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