I am not a New Years Resolutions keeper. In fact, 2016 was the first year I actually kept my New Years Resolution for the whole year. I find that I can usually keep a resolution for a month, maybe two. After that, the fun wears off and whatever habit I’m trying to create (exercise) or curb (eating unhealthy amounts of candy) is right where I was when the last year ended. Why then, do I think that you and I should go on those First Day Hikes?

Jessie Emslie - winter

I’m completely for any reason, no matter how frivolous, that gets me outside.

Coffee walk? Check! Play date with bubbles? Check! My sister asked to go hiking when it was 5 degrees, windy, and my children hadn’t acclimated to winter? Check! Each of these times I initially didn’t want to put in the effort to go outside and then was happily surprised to have a great time. I felt better and my kids did as well.

Making habits is hard.

Making habits is so much easier when you have a motivation, accountability, and a reward. Going for a First Day Hike with friends and their kids is a great way to get started down the road to healthy habits. Plus it is almost its own reward! Throw in some awesome snacks and perhaps a cookie at the end and your brain gets the message that doing this is fun.

Hike it Baby motivates me.

Making friends is a huge part of what Hike it Baby is about. Each of my friends has a special talent. One inspires me to get outside when it’s cold. Another encourages me to hike further or harder. Yet another friend motivates me to just get outside. Instead of comparing myself and finding myself falling short, each one of these friends helps me get outside. Hiking with Hike it Baby always makes me feel more confident of achieving my goals.

Maybe, just maybe, setting the tone for how you want to spend the year really will impact your lifestyle long term.

My most successful New Years Resolutions involve fewer to-do-list type items and more of how I want my life to look. Self-care and Health were my big focus last year and I can tell it paid off. Perhaps your focus this year is on Health and Well-being, More Exercise, or Spending More Time Together, then a First Day Hike might be just what you need.

Photo Credit: Jessie Emslie

What are some of your reasons for taking a First Day Hike? Share them with us below.

One thought on “First Day Hikes and New Years Resolutions

  • jenguinbear@gmail.com
    Jennifer Thompson Valdyke

    For me, it’s all about feel good about starting the new year on the right foot. (pun intended)


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